Extortion Pharmaceutical scams - How do they work?

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Extortion Pharmaceutical scams - How do they work?


Unread post by The Inquisitor » Thu Feb 13, 2020 5:24 pm

More recently I have refocused my efforts onto pharmaceutical scams and their modus operandi. They look and act very similar to other non-delivery modalities but with a nasty twist. The example nest below registered to "Ahmed Rahul" ahmedrahull74@gmail.com provides a nice example:


As we see from this nest of websites, a consumer is enticed by a pharmaceutical product from one of many websites that this scammer has to offer. As usual, this comes with a bundle of non-existent fees that the victim is coerced into paying for, however, the sting is with the threat. The website "internal-division.us" redirects to the Drug Enforcement Agency website which is a huge indication that the victim will be contacted by a fake official, claiming to be from the agency, who then extorts a "fine" from the victim. This "extortion" is also evident with the glock gun store website that is bundled into the mix.

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