Have you sent personal info/documents to a scammer?

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Have you sent personal info/documents to a scammer?


Unread post by Secret Squirrel » Sun Apr 17, 2016 11:13 am

Chances are good your scammer is not interested in stealing your ID, they only wanted your money. They can now impersonate you however and then potential victims may think you scammed them!

You should create some "Google alerts" for all of the personal information given to these scammers. Go to http://www.google.com/alerts and set up one alert each for “complete address" , ”bldg # street name" "Drivers license #" "SSN" "FirstName LastName" and "LastName FirstName", “email address”, and what ever other data you have given. be sure to use only one alert per quotation query.

use the quotes " " as above for each one of the alerts you set up with Google. It is not likely the ID will be compromised, but I think its better to err on the side of safe, rather than sorry. If the alerts ever show results, address them at that time.

If it is a passport # and you are a US citizen, contact homeland security (USA) ( Department of State) and [highlight=yellow]report it compromised[/highlight] to be issued a new passport #. If a different country then contact the issuing authority of that country, and be sure to [highlight=yellow]report it as compromised[/highlight] so you can be issued a new PP #. that way if they do try anything stupid, you do not want it coming back to haunt you in any way, like a scammer impersonating you by sending your passport to a victim so it looks like you scammed them!

You should try to report the scam to your local police, if you are in the USA then also the IC3, and if you are in the UK then ActionFraud. If you are not in the US or UK try going to http://econsumer.gov/ and see if yours is a member country.

other resources : https://www.privacyrights.org/
The FTC (USA) may also be able to help in some instances. and you can also file a complaint with them.
http://www.consumer.ftc.gov/features/fe ... money-back

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