Telephone Numbers That Scammers Use

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Telephone Numbers That Scammers Use


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Telephone Numbers That Scammers Use

+4470 numbers and +44203 are usually exclusively by scammers!

Personal forwarding phone numbers (also called "UK global redirects") are easily recognized, and they are a major red flag when it comes to identifying scams or scammers. The number is often given in the format +447024013818. The country code, (the +44) seemingly indicates that the number is UK-based number. The 70 prefix, however, identifies it as a personal forwarding number. Sometimes the numbers are written +44 070 or +44 (0) 70. Other times the scammer will try to disguise the number by typing the telephone number as +44 7 024013818 for example trying to "hide" the 70. There are many variations of this. Such as 004 70, {004} 470, and so forth. Do not be fooled!

Many phone providers offer this service for free. The number can be "forwarded" to any phone in the world. The charge for the call, which can be quite high, are billed to the caller, not the recipient of the call so no real UK business would use one! The user of the number can apply for one anonymously. Consequently, scammers love this free, portable number which can fool the unwary into believing they are located in the UK, while the scammer actually receives calls on an anonymous, prepaid cell phone on another continent, in another legal jurisdiction. These are also called shared cost numbers because you pay more to call them!

If you're given a +4470 or +44203 number in the course of an email exchange, it is best to assume you are dealing with a scammer, especially true if that number claims to belong to a London barrister, lawyer, travel agency, visa agency, lottery claim office or human resources/employment department. Read ... 44203.html

+44 870 / +44 871 / +44 872 / +44 843 / +44 844 / +44 845 Numbers Are Also Very Suspicious

Like +44 70 numbers these telephone numbers redirect or forward the call to another number so may be dealing with a scammer who is NOT in the UK and just pretending to be there. Real businesses seldom use this kind of telephone number as they really ARE in the UK. Scammers love these numbers because they allow them to pretend to be in the UK as opposed to their true location. Please read: ... rs-Any.htm and ... rs-Any.htm Again, scammers will try to group the numbers to deceive you, such as +44 8(4)3 or +44 84 3, etc. Don't be fooled! These are also called shared cost numbers because you pay more to call them!

Mobile Telephone Numbers

In keeping with their need to be anonymous, scammers almost always use pre-paid mobile phone numbers which cannot be traced. Legitimate businesses seldom use them as a main telephone contact number. So contact information that only includes mobile telephone numbers is highly suspicious. Assume a mobile telephone is a pre-paid one. Consult this list: Mobile Phones By Country. You can also use this online tool: Numbering Plans Click on "phone number analysis" then type in the phone number with a "+" in front of the country code. Click "analyze." If the person you are dealing with is using a mobile telephone number you should suspect a scam!

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