Free Official Looking Email Addresses

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Free Official Looking Email Addresses


Unread post by Caped Crusader » Sun Jul 15, 2018 9:04 pm

Free Official Looking Email Addresses

The following is a list of all domain names that are offered by for their free, anonymous email address service. There are other free email address providers such as: See there list here: ... resses.php

Many of these are "favoured" for use by scammers, usually in connection with them trying to convince victims that they are a company, an official agency or body, a large corporation or a charitable organization.

The method is to open a free account with with their alleged username or company name as the email addressee (for instance:, or

Should any email be received that is allegedly from a professional, or an "official" source, you can check the email address domain here to see whether it is genuine, or whether the sender is using an account anonymously created for free with

The most frequent ones that scammers use is, (to impersonate embassy officials) (to impersonate an oil or gas company official), or (to impersonate a lawyer)

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