CEMAC License Scams (Cameroon Gold Scams)

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CEMAC License Scams (Cameroon Gold Scams)


Unread post by The Inquisitor » Wed Jan 02, 2019 3:41 pm

There have been a rising number of gold sellers from Cameroon that promote a CEMAC export License for any organisation or individual seeking to buy precious metals, specifically gold from the country. One such company, Bonas Gold, states “a CEMAC Buyer’s Permit is issued by the government only, precisely the Ministry of Mines, Industries and Technological Developments abbreviated in french MINMIDT meaning Ministère des Mines, des Industries et des Développements Technologiques. Since Cameroon is a CEMAC Member State, a CEMAC Buyer’s Permit is required for the purchase of gold and many other precious stones.” There are also several Cameroonian government websites claiming to sell these licenses, all with different domain extensions.

These websites are fraudulent. The “CEMAC license” is an elaborate scam that is being exploited by a number of criminals in Cameroon to defraud legitimate gold buyers from potentially thousands of US dollars. Evidence from several anti-scam organisations provides some information as to how this scam operates:
https://www.scamwarners.com/forum/viewt ... 0&t=131012
http://419advancefeefraud.blogspot.com/ ... bsite.html

Typically, a CEMAC scammer will operate a number of websites including a private-sector gold company (often a “local miners’ group”), a fake Cameroon Ministry of Ministry of Mines, Industry and Technological Development website, and a logistics company. Exploitation of victims takes place at the purchase of the CEMAC license, any purchase of gold (a price is sometimes offered below market-price to entice the victim) and finally on any insurance fee from the courier. The gold will, however, never arrive and the scammer has made a significant profit off the victim.

An example of one such CEMAC scammer is found below:


A quick lookup indicates the irregularities that exist when the scammer has attempted to register these domains, typical of advanced-fee fraud scammers. Indeed, there is no Texas in Cameroon, or for that matter an Arlington:

Admin City: Arlington
Admin State/Province: texas
Admin Postal Code: texas
Admin Country: CM
Admin Phone: +237.651624648

Gold purchasers considering entering into contract negotiations with an organisation from Cameroon should be vigilant. The legitimate website for the Cameroon ministry of mines is http://www.minmidt.cm/en/home/.

The following government websites are fake: https://minmidt-gov.net/en/index.html, http://minmidtcm.com/, https://ministryofmines.wordpress.com/, http://www.ministryofminescm.com/, https://www.cammines.com/, http://minfaw.com/
Phone numbers used by scammers - +237 681 129 081, +237 667 855 699, +237 2 22 67 57 91, +237 691592317, +237 2 43 69 53 99, +237 2 43 69 53 99
No government ministry will use a mobile phone number as its main point of contact.

The following vendors actively promote the fraudulent CEMAC license either publicly on their website or in private email communications: https://goldanddiamonddealers.com/, https://bonasgold.com/, http://bertoua-local-miners-cooperative ... mexbb.com/.

Typically, the gold seller companies do not have a real website. Instead, they often use social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to spam pages selling their products. Similarly, import and export e-catalogues are often utilised. An example of such a scam advert is - http://www.bigchina.eu/company/profile/ ... s_coop_cig

This post serves simply as an “introduction” to how CEMAC scammers operate and is not a comprehensive guide. If you are a gold dealer that is still unsure, please contact a Chamber of Commerce or local Cameroonian government representative office in your country.

(Source: https://minmidt-gov.net/en/cemac-buyers ... -form.html)

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