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rateecatletloanfirm01@gmail.com / Fake Loan Scam


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rateecatletloanfirm01@gmail.com / Fake Loan Scam

To Everyone, I have been doing business with RTC Finance for many years now. I am a single mother who works hard & rarely receives child support. So when hard times hit they hit HARD. I cannot count the number of times that I have had to borrow money, not to mention have fallen behind on my payments and needed help/ time to catch them up & in my years of doing business with your Dakota branch I have ALWAYS received the absolute BEST treatment from everyone. I work in customer service on a daily basis and I cannot say enough about this branch. The entire crew is friendly, helpful, kind, understanding & professional.” and i want to say thank you Mr,Gregory for making me get back on my fit again i am now i proud owner of my business thanks to the loan you and your company Grant me with just a due time ,to Everyone there who needs support here is the Email and contact Phone number : +1 605-609-2525 Email: rateecatletloanfirm01@gmail.com

Thank you God Bless you

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