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Mildred Agbor Timoh


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3rd July 2014 04:39 AM

Name of scammer: Mildred Agbor Timoh ... t-scams/p2
I'm from Australia and got scammed $650 that wasn't including the transfer fees from western union. I was buying an English Bulldog from a woman named Tanya Brooks. (But now i'm sure that isn't her name)!! Can't believe how silly i'v been to believe and put such trust in a person I didn't know. I'm warning anyone and everyone that even if you speak to these people in person they are still happy to rip you off. At no times is it safe to buy anything off the internet and to research the buying before doing so. I only came across this websit when my partner said is there even any such thing of this airport...well now i know there is an airport and its a worldwide scam. Its a pity that I came across this website too late and i had already sent the money. I had so many gut feelings but for some reason i went along with it. So please guys before commiting and sending the money over listen to your instincts.
My puppy was ment to arrive today i'm pretty sure i wont hear back from this woman so i want to put all contact infomation so hopefully i can save people from being scammed like me.
I found my puppy on the site FIND ME A I was under the impression she was coming from queensland. But then later found out she was getting sent from cameroon.
Receiver's Name: Mrs Mildred Agbor, Timoh,
Address: Mission Hill Douala, BP 5088 Douala.
City: Douala.
Province: Littoral Province.
Country: Cameroon.


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