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Chi John Akongwe


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3rd July 2014 04:58 AM

Name of scammer: Chi John Akongwe ... al-1087205
PURITYCHEM Mr. Nelson, Fongum Bongan, Chi John Akongwe Scammed me for 1000$. He's a total scammer people beware he and his wife are total scam artists silver spring Maryland
This guy scams people all day long through his so called legit business called puritychem - purity chem. He calls himself mr. nelson. Also found out that he said his wife is a breeder bs. He claims to have excellent bloodline huskies for sale but it is a total scam. Beware dont send that man any type of money cause you will receive nothing in return. You've been warned!!!!!!!!!!!! ... pdate.html
I am very happy to read from you again and thanks for the
> interest you have for our little angels,OH my dear Juan,i am very
> happy to know you are into such a great activity( Humanity and
> desperate children aids ),i can not say a lie to you , i have been
> trying my best to do such a passionate activity) there is saying ,
> every one has his or her part to play in this world,anyway we will
> prefer both puppies to move into your home together,since they will be
> more happier staying and playing together as they have always been in
> our home,and i will appreciate your understanding on that part,
> anyway, just a little about the puppies.Velma the female does not play
> much but love being hugged and kissed a lot,you know girls As for
> Zapata he is very playful and loves being walked around,also both of
> them are very socialized with little children and other house pets,as
> i told you later we have always wanted the best for our little angels
> and we will want your full assurance on taking very good care of the
> puppies
As soon i have these above details,i will immediately take the
> puppies to the delivery company and register them under our reliable
> delivery company which will transport the puppies safely to your home
> you will be paying the money to the delivery company in charge of
> deliver so we will need your details to hand it over to them after
> registration the delivery agency will send you a tracking number and
> will proceed with the transportion of the puppies and once they arrive
> at your airport,the delivery van will then carry the puppies over to
> your door step following your address just know that your family is
> the new owner of the puppies so i will be moving down to the pet
> emmigration office to make their final adoption papers and travelling
> papers because i want them to be delivered safely to your home
> thanks and waiting for response
> Mr Jhons
> please send us your phone number
But it should be noted that this process can not be completed unless the sum of (200€) is paid

You are asked to pay the 200€ via western union and to our branch director for such operations and extensive services using the address below ;

Name ------------------------- Chi John Akongwe
City ------------------------- Bamenda
State --------------------------------- North
country ---------------------------------- Cameroon
CAP -------------------- 00,237

You will need a security question and answer to use in the money sending form . use the one below

test question ---------------------------------------- Who
Answer ---------------------------------------
http://2009-cameroon-gce-results.blogsp ... ernal.html

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