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Tendoh Elvis


Unread post by Secret Squirrel » Mon Apr 04, 2016 11:58 am

7th January 2015 02:59 PM

Name of scammer: Tendoh Elvis

http://www.scambook.com/report/view/860 ... or-$443.00
Date Occurred: 03/12/2012
Reported Damages: $443.00

i was led to believe a rottwieller puppy was coming from victoria today and arriving tonight to my house,i paid $443.00 to jet pet express this morning , and later this afternoon i was told i had to pay and extra $383.00 because the puppy had arrived in sydney and needed a different crate to continue on to townsville i said i was not paying anymore money and the person kept on saying i had to,i paid the money($443.00) to a western union to the name of tendoh elvis,country- cameroon, city-douala, zip code-00237,contact ph one number i was given is (03)90105097 i paid through a newsagency here in townsville this morning,i have emailed the lady to who advertised the puppy and have had no reply either,what can i do?

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