Oguerilem Ahanonu, currently in Ukraine

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Oguerilem Ahanonu, currently in Ukraine


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17th March 2014 06:40 AM

Fake PDF document / advance fee fraud

http://www.share-pdf.com/014e46e1c03247 ... derson.htm

Green-Wich Financial Home
Loan Amount: $25,000.00 USD (Twenty-Five Thousand US Dollars)
After payment, applicant will be required to send a scanned copy of the payment slip or better still email the payment information to his or her consultant for verification by the account department before the funding processing will commence.
You'll be required to make the payment via the below payment information:
Receiver's Name: Oguerilem Ahanonu
Receiver's Location: Kiev
Receiver's Country: Ukraine
Method: Western Union/Money Gram

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