Samson Ameka, presently in Benin

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Samson Ameka, presently in Benin


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24th April 2015 02:14 PM

Name of scammer: Samson Ameka, presently in Benin

Samson Ameka, presently in Benin ... 7&p=223120
From: United Bank for Africa
Executive Governor of Ministry Of Finance Benin Republic Dr.Felix Martins have
paid the the delivery fee of your ATM Master Card. He paid it because the ATM Master Card of USD$4.6million has no less than seven days to expire and when it expires,The money will go into Government purse.
Because you have paid a lot of money to wrong people which The Ministry Of Finance Benin Republic has decided to help you pay the money so that the ATM Master Card will not expire,
In view of that the United Bank for Africa Atm Payment Department want you to pay only your re-activation fee of $85.00 for immediate used of your CARD and you will advised to send the money today so that your ATM MASTER CARD will be deliver to your address by Friday morning.
Please bear it in mind that there is no way the money can be deducted from the card because that is against the law and you should be informed that the ATM card and the pin code would be enclosed in the envelope and you can make withdrawals from the ATM CARD any moment you receive the parcel.
So below is our account officer info’s for you to send the $85.00 through Money Gram only.
Receiver’s Name_________ Samson Ameka
Country:____________Benin Republic
Test Question:_______Good

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