Coco-Cola Fake Lottery Scam /

Any email or SMS you receive telling you have won a lottery is a scam! If you did not buy a ticket, you cannot win a lottery! Read Emails & SMS Lottery Win Notifications Are Scams and You Have Won a Lottery! Or Have You?
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Coco-Cola Fake Lottery Scam /


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Coco-Cola Fake Lottery Scam /

Dear Victim

With much gratification and humility, We the entire board members of the Coca-Cola Company United State hereby wish you and your family a heartily Congratulations, as we have duly verified your provided detail/information which was required for the claim of your winning prize as your Email Address have made you one of the lucky winners in this year's Coca-Cola Email Award Promotion 2016 and found you worthy of this fund.

This is to inform you that your winning prize of $500,000.00 USD (Five Hundred Thousand United State Dollars) has been verified for payment and approved by the US Gaming Board and also licensed by the International Association of Gaming Regulators (IA-GR) for delivery/pick-up/remittance.

We Are So Pleased To Inform You That Your Winning Fund Has Been Approved For Immediate Transfer Into Your Personal Bank Account Through The Help Of Your Country Central Bank: RBI Reserve Bank Of India. You’re Fund of Five Hundred Thousand United State Dollars (£500,000.00 USD) Has Been Transferred To The Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

Dear Sir/Madam: For Security Reasons The Board Has Made It Clear To All Lucky Winners Today That Your Winning Fund Will Be Transfer Into Your Personal Bank Account In Your Locality Through The Help Of Your Country Central Bank RBI Reserve Bank Of India. For Quick And Easy Crediting of Your Winning Fund of (£500,000.00 USD) You Are Advise To Contact The Below Address And Persons Immediately Through Mail (

RBI Reserve Bank Of India Contact Person And Address:

India's Central Bank
Reserve Bank of India regional office, Delhi,
Foreign Remittance Department.
New Delhi: 110 001, India,
6,Sansad Marg.

Kindly Be In Form That You Will Be Receiving Your Fund Via Bank To Bank Wire Transfer:
This Is In Consonance With The Policy Republic Of India, In Regard To The Meeting We Held With Central Banking Authorities Of India, We Advised In This Method Of Bank Wire, Your Demand Draft Will Be Delivered To Your Country At The Reserve Bank Of India For Conversion And Transfer To Your Personal Local Bank Account Via Reserve Bank Of India

Therefore, You Are Required To Contact The Foreign Remittance Department Reserve Bank of India (RBI) With The Following Details

I write to apply for the release of my fund with regards to the winning notification that was received in my email address from the COCA COLA COMPANY UNITED STATE. I was made to believe and understand that this sum of Five Hundred Thousand United State Dollars (£500,000.00 USD) was deposited in a temporary Account in your Bank. I therefore provide my Banking details below for claim and transfer.
1. Bank Name:
2. Bank Address:
3. Bank Account No:
4. Account Holder's Name:
5. Home Address:
6. Your Mobile No:
7. Winning Amount:
8. Occupation: .......Position: Monthly Salary:
9. Name And Address Of Next Of Kin:
10. Nationality:
11. Winning Company Name:

You Are Advising To Contact Only Mrs. Molina Choudhary In The Reserve Bank Of India For A Successful Crediting Of Your Winning Fund Into Your Personal Bank Account In Your Country Libya.

Identity Details Of Mrs. Molina Choudhary

Name: Mrs. Molina Choudhary
DESIG: Foreign Exchange Rep/Personal
ID Number: FED521092L
Department: Foreign Remittance/Transfer Department
Station: New Delhi
Serial Number: 3241 8726 092 004

Immediately You Receive The Confirmation Of Your Fund Into Your Personal Bank Account You Are Advise To Inform Us For Immediate Posting/Delivery Of Your Document And Samsung Galaxy Note Edge with your following details To Your Home Address. (Ref No: BSA/007/LED/-16 Serial No: US/GBP07/COCA-COLA Batch No. DNO/MA07/US).

Thanks for Your Co-operation for It Is Our Duty to Render the Best Of Our Services To you And Your Entire Family Members. Congratulation Once Again From The Boards Of Directors.

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