Charles Maka Ebongue, currently in Lyon, France

Exposures for 419 Scammers in Cameroon
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Charles Maka Ebongue, currently in Lyon, France


Unread post by Secret Squirrel » Sat Mar 05, 2016 8:06 pm

Scammer Charles Maka Ebongue

Scammers: IP Address

Type: Wireless Broadband
Country: France City: Lyon

Scammer's known aliases: maurice lagate, Sandrine Reids, Dr Frederic Valdek, Khader Osam, Erik Luuk, Gerrit Marius Den Bok

Scammer's known email addresses:,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Scammer's known telephone numbers: 23796904957, 0031(20) 894 3830

Main scammer picture: Image

Personal profile link:

Profile screenshot: Image

Personal profile link
Profile screenshot
Same as for the scammer's picture, simply insert the image bb code of the screenshot here

Profile information

Chalo Maka
About Me
Basic Info
Sex: Male
Relationship Status: Single
Interested In: Women
Looking For: Friendship
A Relationship
Current City: Yaound%u00E9, Cameroon
Work and Education
* StudentCity
* university of soa '09
High School
* Baptist High School Buea
Likes and Interests
MALAIKACLOTHING, Larry King, Rafael Nadal, Yaound%u00E9, Cameroon
Contact Information
Contact Info
Email: ... roun-chien

Western Union / Moneygram information

Noms du destinataire:
NOM: Ebongue
Prenom: Rodrigue Roland
Adresse: 32 Rue Anne Rouge
BP 258 Douala,Cameroun
Mme Sandrine Reids
service client
32 Rue Anne Rouge
BP 258 Douala Cameroun

Link to real ID ... 01-010.htm

Real ID info
Centre No: 001 BUEA EXTERNAL

Scam link ... roun-chien
Scam text/format

vos r%u00E9ponses me ravis vraiment, je suis un missionnaire fran%u00E7ais donc
pr%u00EAtre! je r%u00E9side actuellement au Cameroun .je suis arriv%u00E9 ici il y a 1 mois et demi pour un s%u00E9minaire de pri%u00E8re qui r%u00E9unit tous les missionnaires d'Afrique..mon chiot est tr%u00E8s propre ,il est %u00E2g%u00E9 de trois mois et s'appelle Nando .mon chiot ne supporte pas ce changement de climat car il fait %u00E9norm%u00E9ment chaud ici, de peur de le perdre je pr%u00E9f%u00E8re le donner. voila les raison sinon il n'a pas de maladie j ai juste peur pour les jours a venir, .si vous me promettez de bien prendre soin de lui je paye les frais de transport pour vous envoyer le chiot.j'aurais juste besoin de votre adresse compl%u00E8te et de votre num%u00E9ro de t%u00E9l%u00E9phone pour me rendre dans une agence, en suite payer les frais de transport, puis l'agence vous contactera. j ai joins aussi les photos du chiot si vous avez besoin de plus de photos contactez moi
dans l'attente de vous lire

maurice lagate

Noms du destinataire:
NOM: Ebongue
Prenom: Rodrigue Roland
Adresse: 32 Rue Anne Rouge
BP 258 Douala,Cameroun
Mme Sandrine Reids
service client
32 Rue Anne Rouge
BP 258 Douala Cameroun

Scam link ... onner.html
Scam text/format

A33782: chiot bulldog francais a donner
Report abuse [ 2009-06-16 ] - [ 2009-12-13 ] - 551 hits
tres callin je vous l offre contacter moi 0023796904957
Scam link
Scam text/format

Num%u00E9ro de l'annonce: 154801
Action: Autre
Article: chiot bichon a donner
Cat%u00E9gorie: Animaux
Prix: 0
Description: Donne contre bons soins chiot type bichon fris%u00E9, non lof, tatou%u00E9, vaccin%u00E9 ag%u00E9e 5mois. Super chiot de maison, extra avec les enfants et les autres animaux tr%u00E8s gentil, calme et c%u00E2lin que ce soit avec les adultes.Mon chiot est une femelle. jamais est tr%u00E8s bien dress%u00E9 assis couch%u00E9, au pied.
Nom: maurice lagate
Email: Cliquez ici pour envoyer un courrier %u00E0 la personne qui a d%u00E9pos%u00E9 cette annonce
Adresse: France
Date limite: Oct 17, 2009

Scam link ...
Scam text/format

Datum: 30.03.2011
Anzeigennummer: 2435145
Art der Anzeige: Angebot
Preis: 385,00 %u20AC
AM-694, AM-series,
WIN55 ,212-2
Dimethocaine, Larocaine / DMC;
Naphyrone, O-2482, NRG-1;
4 Fluoroamphetamine, 4-FMA, 4-FA, 4-FMP, de flujo;
JWH-018, JWH-073, JWH-122, JWH-250, JWH-210, JWH-series;
contact us for more information

Dr Frederic Valdek
E-mail (
Phone: 0023796904957

This is a friend of Christian Serge Abomo, who helped Abomo love scam a young girl by sending her a message letting her know that Abomo had tried committing suicide after she tried to break off their relationship.


After what he tried doing to this poor girl, it was an appalling find to see that he is also trying to gain entry to the United States, much in the same way that Abomo did.


So that his profile comes up on the search engines;
ebonguecharles 23 ans
Sa description
j'aime bien les relation sérieuse et j aime bien faire l'amour
i love long term relationships and love makin lo,,,
Son profil
Sexe Un homme
Age 23 ans
Astro Taureau
Pays États-Unis
Localisation Washington
(Pennsylvania, Cumberland)
Poids Non renseigné
Taille 170 cm
Yeux Noir
Cheveux Noir
Profession Etudiant
Sa recherche
Sexe une femme
Age de 18 à 27ans
Pays États-Unis
Poids non renseigné
Taille non renseigné



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Re: Charles Maka Ebongue, currently in Lyon, France


Unread post by Caped Crusader » Sun Jan 05, 2020 9:53 pm

Charles Maka Ebongue emigrated from Cameroon to Lyon, France in or before 2016 and continued to scam.

In April 2017 Charles Maka Ebongue (using an alias) registered a fake company with the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce. Apparently, companies do not have to be real to be registered with the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce as they apparently don't check. He registered "Sunberg Trading BV” with the address below.

Hogehilweg 7K, 1101CA Amsterdam
Chamber of Commerce No. 68593759 ... rading-b-v


In May 2017 Charles Maka Ebongue (using an alias) registered at least three more fake "companies" with the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce. He registered "Massa Trading BV", "Buy Big BV", and "Bulk Purchases BV" using the address below:

Address: Van Boutershemstraat 31
Postal Code: 4651 LT
Place: Steenbergen
Township: Municipality of Steenbergen
Region: Roosendaal region
Neighborhood: Steenbergen-Zuid

Below is a url to the registration information for each fake company via along with screenshots. ... rading-b-v
Chamber of Commerce number 68783566

Image ... buybig-b-v
Chamber of Commerce number 68783612

Image ... rchase-b-v
Chamber of Commerce number 68783620


As you can see, all the companies have the same "address" and have only one employee. One would think that if you had a company that stocked and shipped so many items, you would need more than one employee.

On July 12, 2018, Charles Maka Ebongue registered the Netherlands top country domain for his fake company Massa Trading BV . He used the alias Khader Osama and the email address See viewtopic.php?t=6723

He used the following fake contact information on the fake website.
Massa Trading BV
Address : Van Boutershemstraat 31 4651 LT Steenbergen, NL.
Tel : 0031(20) 894 3830
Fax : 0031(20) 833 3400
Email :
VAT ID : NL 857590212B01
Contact Person:Mr. Bechthold Sebastiaan
See viewtopic.php?t=6723

Charles Maka Ebongue conned an individual into paying in advance for goods, using Western Union, from his fake company Massa Trading BV using the website The goods were never delivered. It is called a non-delivery scam. In response, that victim put up a website - - which detailed the scam. Never Wire Money to Strangers!

Below you can see a page from that website where the victim describes how Charles Maka Ebongue scammed him.
Here is how I THINK the scam worked

1. I contacted Alibaba about needing Natural Hog Casings

2. Conversation with Alibaba: Because I had a my name on a open inquiry card in Alibaba any company on Alibaba could see my information.

3. My inquiry was passed on to Massa Trading OR POTENTIALLY, it was not from Alibaba and they got my information from some place else.

4. Massa Trading contacted me directly outside of Alibaba.

NOTE: My mistake, never communicate with a seller outside of the Alibaba system. Alibaba must have a lot of problems like mine since they now have a special system to protect against fraud. That is IF IF IF you were not caught up in believing the response outside of Alibaba.

5. The fraud company will be very professional in making sure you feel they are valid. Charles Maka Ebongue went to a shipping management school just to learn the professional wording and works of shipping so he could pull off a professional sounding scam.

6. You will have some thing that will allow them to tell you that you cannot do a bank transfer and need to make the payment by Western Union

6. Massa Trading will then direct you to make the deposit directly to :

Beneficiary First Name: Charles
Beneficiary Last Name: Maka Ebongue
Country: France

7. Your money is gone and this is the end of communications from Massa Trading / Charles

8. This is a well thought out and executed scam using (It appears) a weak area within (I think) Alibaba to provide your inquiry to fraudulent companies outside of Alibaba. This is not the fault of Alibaba - they warn against any contact outside of Alibaba. When you get the response from a company outside of Alibaba that is very professional you are hooked.

9. Scan on! You are hooked!
Here are screenshots of the page:

Below is an image of the fake invoice generated by Massa Trading B.V aka Charles Maka Ebongue which the victim paid via Western Union to Charles Maka Ebongue and a copy of the confirmation email the victim received.
Copy of the email verification that from Massa Trading that the invoice was valid and to send money to Charles

Dear Sir/Madam,

We confirm to you that the invoice is valid and you can make payment to the cashier mentioned on the invoice.


Best Regards,

Mr. Bechthold Jan Sebastiaan
Position: Managing Director/CEO
Van Boutershemstraat 31,
4651 LT- Steenbergen,
Gemeente Steenbergen,
Reg Number: 000037192795
KVK Nummer: 68783566
Tel: 0031(20) 894 3830
Fax: 0031(20) 833 3400

In January of 2019, Charles Maka Ebongue, again masquerading as the fake company Massa Trading BV, scammed 500 euros from a victim who was trusting enough to make an advance payment for an order of “hog casings.” Of course, the fake company never possessed the product and obviously never delivered it. Charles Maka Ebongue' simply kept the money, a non-delivery scam. The victim paid via Western Union, images of the receipts are below. Never Wire Money to Strangers! We have blocked out the name of the victim. However, Charles Maka Ebongue's name is clearly visible as the person the funds were being sent to and the country is clearly shown as France. He used the fake email address and the alias Erik Luuk.


There is a scam report from a victim who was scammed by a fake company Nothum International B.V. using a fake website in March 2018. He transacted with the fake company because he thought it was a Netherlands company and felt that made it trustworthy. That fake company used the same telephone number - 0031(20) 894 3830 and fax number 0031(20) 833 3400 as the fake company Massa Trading B.V.. The fake company website also used a .nl domain. We can conclude that Charles Maka Ebongue was responsible for this non-delivery scam.. He registered the fictitious company with the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce and then registered a top level Netherlands domain and website - Again, the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce does not check if a company is real or not. In fact, globally, most government entities that register companies do not check whether a company is real or fake. So the fact that a company is registered does not mean that it is legitimate. You can see the registration below and below that, the aforementioned scam report:

Image ... bv-reviews
Victim Location 99501
Total money lost $6,000
Type of a scam Fake Invoice

Respected sir/madam,

I hope you are doing very well today. My name is xxxxx xxxxx and I am a very small business man in Pakistan. I want your help to resolve an international scam in Netherlands.

Description of the suspected fraud:

In the month of March I saw a company who is selling the PVC scrap via Alibaba. I was so interested in that because the seller company was from Netherlands which is the most developed country in the Europe and company is also Registered with The Dutch Chamber of Commerce(attached file Business Registration.pdf contains full details about company), So there are less chance of scam.

I made a contact with the Mr. Gerrit Marius Den Bok Managing Director of the Nothum International B.V company.

He convinced me via email that I was so impressed with company profile as company is registered. He also sent me his passport (I've attached in this email). So in the middle of March 2018 I booked a 25 MT (1*40 ft FCL) PVC windows profile scrap at CIF Muhammad Bin Qasim Port Karachi Pakistan at price 225 euros/MT with following payment terms

30% Payment against Proforma Invoice.
50% Cash against documents.
20% After arrival of goods at destination.

I sent 30% payment against Proforma Invoice to his company account. Then he sent me shipping documents over email and asked me to transfer the 50% payment to his parent company in Romania as his own company's account is on audit and then he will transfer the container to Pakistan. I did what he said and waited for the container.

After 15 days the shipping company which is Gulf Atlantic Maritime sent me an email and demanded 2400 euros(€) for the insurance of container but my contract with Nothum International BV was CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight) which means seller will pay for the shipping and insurance. I became frustrated because 2400 euros(€) is big amount for me, when I contacted the company managing director he said you have to pay it.

I reminded him about the contract he agreed to pay 50% of insurance money but he asked me to transfer the other 50% to his cashier in Turkey via western union when I rejected to send money via western union and insisted him to accept money to his company account he said no to that method, From that day I was trying to contact on daily basis both by email and call but he is not responding back and he also closed the company's website.

Addition to above mention suspected fraud Mr Gerrit sent me Inspection report of Bureau Veritas which I confirmed from Bureau Veritas officials and they said it's forgery.

Name of the person(s)/organisation involved in the suspected fraud:

Mr. Gerrit Marius Den Bok
Position: Managing Director
Nothum International B.V.
Hazelaarlaan 4, 5342 HL- Oss, Willibrordusweg- West, Netherlands.
Reg Number: 000038151286
KVK Nummer: 69828008
Tel: 0031(20) 894 3830
Fax: 0031(20) 833 3400

Respected Sir/ madam I've all emails and voice recording related to this order and I became the victim of the scam from the country which is named as finest country for law implementation. Yet I transferred that company around 4500 euros(€) this amount is really a big amount for a small business man in under developing country. I am hopping to get that money back and I hope you will take this email seriously. I am attaching all the document as a proof with the email. I will wait for your response.
Remember the fake company Sunberg Trading BV Charles Maka Ebongue registered back in April 2017? He registered a domain and website for it, on February 26, 2019. Read viewtopic.php?t=9610
He again used the Tel: 0031(20) 894 3830 and Fax: 0031(20) 833 3400 numbers on the website which is why we know it belongs to him. It is also still active!


There is a scam warning about this website here: showing he scammed at least two victims, one on July 19, 2019 and the other on December 12, 2019.
Classified Scam : Sunberg

Date 07/19/2019
Fraudulent email
Pseudonym Sunberg
Url / Website (Victim means
Scam contents Arnaque paiement contre facture proforma est contrat de vente est Après y a pas de livraison
Translated - Scam payment against proforma invoice is sales contract is After there is no delivery
Your comments / analysis Arnaque paiement contre facture proforma est contrat de vente est Après y a pas de livraison
More info + What to do in case of scam ?


ishan 08/28/2019 at 02:44 PM
i am also in conversation with that person. please suggest is that fake company?

Rosli 12/12/2019 at 04:00 PM
I was make the deal buying milk bottel and TT 40% which is arround Usd 5600 but after TT the money he say phone misssing and cannot contact and finaliy he missing even not taking my call.. so he really big scamer and now i want report police to go legal action on him.
The contact telephone number Charles Maka Ebongue listed on and
0031(20) 894 3830 led to three other active non-delivery scam websites Charles Maka Ebongue' has set up. They are set forth below. Does it make make any sense that six different companies would have the same telephone number? The first two companies below also uses the same fax number 0031(20) 833 3400. Additionally, note that the domains are all .nl country code top level domains implying the fake companies are Netherlands companies. That is exactly why Charles Maka Ebongue registered *.nl domains. Don’t forget the fake companies BigBuy BV and Bulk Purchase BV that Charles Maka Ebongue registered but has not yet registered websites for.

Massa Metal Trading BV - - Read viewtopic.php?t=9609


Sunberg Metal Trading BV - Read viewtopic.php?t=9708


CBD Pharmacy BV - - Read viewtopic.php?t=9611


So Charles Maka Ebongue's modus operandi is to register a Netherlands company, get a Netherlands top level domain and website and use it to scam, eventually abandon it and start all over, registering another fake company and fake website. Of course he uses the same telephone and fax number, Tel: 0031(20) 894 3830 Fax: 0031(20) 833 3400 . The "telephone and fax number" are most likely VOIP numbers. He can forward calls to his Lyon telephone. He can also initiate calls, masking the Lyon telephone number he is actually using, so it appears as if he is calling from the “company” number. He cons the victim Into paying via bank to bank or money transfer, before the goods are delivered, since the goods do not exist and will never be delivered. Wire transfers are non-refundable, even if the goods are never delivered, so the victim cannot get his or her money back. That is why one should never wire money to strangers , especially before goods are delivered or one could be the victim of a non-delivery scam. Charles Maka Ebongue counts on the fact that victims assume that the “company” is legitimate since it is registered with the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce and has a Netherlands top level domain. The potential victim doesn’t realize that all this means nothing and that a scammer from West Africa could be involved with a “Netherlands company.“ Of course there is one way to tell if a company is legitimate or not and that is to look at the date it was registered. Read Identifying Scam Websites!. In the case of NL domains you need to visit to get the “who is” information on what date a domain was registered. .

Scammers, like Charles Maka Ebongue, claim that their “business” has been operating a long time though the domain and website were recently registered. They count on you trusting them. Trust no one. Always investigate, or you may fall prey to a soulless parasite like Charles Maka Ebongue.

Here is a more current photo of Charles Maka Ebongue
Image ... -65a17541/
Charles Maka Ebongue
Étudiant à University of Yaounde 2-Soa


University of Yaounde 2-Soa
Dates attended or expected graduation 2007 – 2011

Horizons Acadamy, Montpellier. France
Field Of Study Exploitation De Vol
Dates attended or expected graduation 2016
formation en agent d’opération et agent de trafic.


Confirming his current location in Lyon France:
Bienvenue Sur Le site Officiel De Diaspo Wonder Night - Lyon !
Maka Ebongue(Web Developer)

When he left Cameroon for France, Charles Maka Ebongue, continued his scamming and is currently scamming! Many scammers from West African nations, who are fortunate enough to be allowed to immigrate to other countries, be they in Western Europe, North America, Middle East, or Asia, repay that kindness by scamming the citizens of those very same countries! Though many people grow more empathetic with age and evolve into more considerate people, nothing like this has befallen Charles Maka Ebongue. In his case, older never translated into wiser or less selfish.

Cameroon scammer Charles Maka Ebongue currently in Lyon, France
Escroc Camerounais Charles Maka Ebongue présentement à Lyon, France

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