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Exposures for 419 Scammers in Cameroon
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Tembe Hilary Ngu


Unread post by Caped Crusader » Thu Mar 03, 2016 12:30 pm

Name of scammer: Tembe Hilary Ngu

Scammer's known aliases: Johnson Bill, fank smith, Mr. palm estate, Mr. carren neh, macmiland enterprise, Mr. tatani roland, lazyjam2000

Scammer's known email addresses: nadsmissy@gmail.com, hope4thechild@yahoo.com, lazyjam2000@yahoo.com

Scammer's known telephone numbers: 23794380016, 23775906890, 23775198755, 23777620394, 447024030983, 5134420322, 2086294547

We have dug up another cockroach directly connected to Achille Brice Eteki and his associates. His name is Tembe Hilary Ngu and an active cockroach he is. Pet scams, export scams and multiple orphanage scams. This cockroach lives very well and apparently travels to various countries such as India, Scotland and Norway, aside from Cameroon and Nigeria. It pays to steal from Cameroon orphans.
http://www.ripoffreport.com/organized-c ... 5d33e.html
WEST JET DELIVERY - Phone: 5134420322
Name:Ngoh Franksmith Sama
Country: Cameroon
City ouala
Address :Rue 54 west jet
Phone :+237-94380016:+237-75906890
Test question:What colour?
5134420322 was used on Achille Brice and his thieving buddy NSHING STANLEY scam site jetpetanimaltransportagency.com which clearly indicates a direct connection between them and Tembe Hilary Ngu
jetpet animal transport agency
Professional International Horse Transport Company
2086294547, 5134420322
Following the trail of +237-75906890 and +237-94380016 through various Export scams
http://www.exportersindia.com/trade/off ... 282720.htm
Sell Offer - Sunflower Oil, Soybean Oil, Corn Oil
: Palm Estate
: Johnson Bill ( manufacturer )
: Mundoni,
: 0237-7590-6890
: 00-23775906890

http://www.21food.com/showroom/91689/pr ... -grap.html
1250 ave , bamenda
Bamenda south west Cameroon
00237- 237- 75906890
fank smith

http://www.companycoltd.com/company_col ... id=c477907
Mr. palm estate
Molyko Buea Cameroon

tropical crops LTD
• Tradim Rank:
• Country/Region:Cameroon
• Telephone:237-75906890

http://www.alibaba.com/member/cm1067973 ... tinfo.html
Mr. carren neh

macmiland enterprise
Mr. tatani roland

http://www.fraudwatchers.org/forums/sho ... hp?p=76179
+237 77620394
the family says they live in city douala.
here is the numbers of the west jet guys:
+237 94380016
+237 75198755

cute little chihuahua for sale

Product: tantalite
Quantity: 15mt
Price: negotiable
Terms: negotiable
More info: I am a marketing agent for some local miners in East Africa.I am based in london and i have 15mt of tantalite at the Mombassa port ready for shipment.The price is negotiable.I am interested in reliable buyers.
Rextrade Supplyers
at50 batibo bamenda north west province 00234 Cameroon
237 - 7762 - 0394
237 - 7762 - 0395
Now here comes the sickening part. +237-75906890 / +237-77620394 / +447024030983 are used in a string of ads placed by this piece of excrement offering children as he does pet dogs:
http://www.adoos.fr/post/3754438/bacopy ... r_adoption
bébé pour adoption.
nous sommes sur le fonctionnement d'un orphelinat ici au Cameroun, ce qui a orphelinat de 15 enfants prêts pour adoption; leur âge fait rage entre 9 mois ans, 3 ans,
Contactez-nous si intéressés.
Babies for adoption
We operate an orphanage here in Cameroon, with 15 children ready for adoption; Their age range between 9 month and 3 years.
Contact us if interested

http://www.tradepoint.ca/RegularItemDet ... emid=51825
Please contact us through our email or call us on +237-77620394 or contact our adoption lawyer residing in the united kingdom +447024030983

Great news !!!!! Do you know that it is now possible to adopt from hope for the children ministry? We currently have an 8months old baby girl awaiting a loving family.Seek and you will find, knock and it will be open on to you , ask and you shall receive.Email us via hope4thechild@yahoo.com or call us via +237-7762-0394

http://www.adoos.com/post/1059578/child ... _available
• Location: Missouri
Hello Everyone,
My name is sister EDwan of the Douala Cameroon i am looking for a loving family outhere that is interested in adopting a baby.Tribal misunderstanding in nearby Bali Village has brought in two more babies in our orphanage but unfortunately we have no spaces left. We are actually looking for a family that is able and capable of bringing up a child in the most responsible way.No matter whereever you are, you can contact us either by phone or email if you have lots of love reserve for children.our contact information is below
You are welcome in Gods name

http://secure.adpay.com/clicknbuy.aspx? ... ORE3723979
If you have been longing to re-home a child , this is a great news for you.Hope for the children ministry now have three children ready for adoption.Contact us for more info
hope4thechild@yahoo.com Start Date: 10/24/2009

Area: Grenville Category: Collectibles Subcategories: Dolls
Have you been considering adoption as an option?This is great news for you.Hope for the
children's ministry now have two lovely children awaiting new homes.Interested persons should contact us for more information.
Here's a particular callous one. He stole the photo of an innocent child to use in his fraud. Imagine if this was a photo of your child being used by this scumbag to offer children like you do pet monkeys. If this was a photo of my child and I met this piece of sh*t Tembe Hilary Ngu face to face, I assure you his scamming days would be over.
http://www.adoos.co.uk/post/1370385/wil ... ew_parents
• Last updated: Tuesday, 12 February
• Adoos Reference: 1370385
http://imgcdn.adoosimg.com/6233870cb43c ... 1d-1-3.jpg <==Photo of an innocent child
Hello Everyone,
I really do need help and love for this little girl with me by name kyvonna.she is so pretty but i have no choice than to adopt her to a loving and caring family that will not want to lose this opportunity to adopt her.I have been very cautious about chosing the right family for her.As i am indeed interested in the best for her.If you are that man, woman, be it parents who have been longing to adopt, Do not hesitate to get back me for additional information.I can assure you that if you do , you would be glad you did
As we've seen with this criminal gang starting with Achille Brice Eteki himself, they appear to have an inclination to scamming Germany with pet scams and adoption frauds. This ******* is no exception:
http://www.qualimedic.de/Wartezimmer/en ... 07/8464974
God bless you and thank you so much for your enquiry.You really need to be shocked by my advertisement because everybody on earth definitely need children and will not want to give them out to different family.But this is just want i must do.My name is sister Edwan I am a 60year old mother resident in cameroon.I have a small orphange that i control which is made up of 10 children.I would have even loved to increase the number as there are lots of orphans on the street but will not dare that because its not easy.
I must tell you that last two weeks inter-tribal war in one neighbouring village led to the death of a whole family without living even a relative except of these two little chilren that i want a home for them.In real sense I am still looking for a good home for the female who is called kyvonna but for the male , Mr and Mrs Thompson (afamily in america) has already contacted our adoption lawyer and adoption documents are being process for them to get him.
If you are are really interested in kyvonna,and promise that you will love her like a mother and father will do to their own children,then i will happily do all to see into it that adoption documents should to be process for you.Kyvonna is still very young and and healthy .The website that i advertise was given to me by father
Martin who is originally from German He made us to know that the Germans are very caring that kyvonna's new parents should be from Germany.I have sent you kyvonna's picture .WE SPEAK ENLISH BETTER THAN GERMANY.I HAVE WRITTEN TWO LETTERS ONE LETTER IS IN ENGLISH AND THE OTHER IN GERMANY SO YOU SHOULD UNDERSTAND

Gott segnen Sie und danken Ihnen soviel, damit Ihre enquiry.You wirklich Notwendigkeit durch meine Reklameanzeige entsetzt werden kann weil jeder auf Masse definitiv Notwendigkeit Kindern und werden nicht sie zu unterschiedlichem family.But heraus geben wünschen, das dieses wünschen gerade mich muß do.My nennen ist Schwester Edwan ist, ich eine sechzig Einjahresmutter bin, Bewohner in cameroon.I ein kleines orphange haben, das ich steuere, der 10 children.I würde haben sogar liebte, die Zahl zu erhöhen, da es Lose Orphans auf der Straße gibt, aber wird nicht wagen den weil sein nicht einfaches besteht. Ich muß Ihnen erklären, daß daß ein letzter zwei Wochen inter-tribal Krieg in einem benachbarten Dorf geführt zu den Tod einer vollständigen Familie, ohne zu leben sogar ein Verwandter, ausgenommen von diesen zwei wenig chilren, daß ich ein Haus für them.In reale Richtung wünsche, die, ich noch nach einem guten Haus für die Frau, die kyvonna angerufen wird, aber für den Mann suche, Herr und Mrs Thompson (afamily in Amerika) hat bereits mit unserem Annahmerechtsanwalt in Verbindung getreten und Annahmedokumente sind Prozeß, damit sie him.So erhalten gerechtes kyvonna ist vorhanden gelassen wird, wenn Sie sind wirklich interessiert am kyvonna sind und zu versprechen, daß Sie sie wie eine Mutter und ein Vater lieben, tut zu ihren eigenen Kindern Wille tun glücklich alle, um in ihn zu sehen, daß Annahmedokumente, wenn für you.Kyvonna Prozeß seien Sie, noch sehr jung ist und und gesunde The Web site, die ich annonciere, mir vom Vater gegeben wurde, Martin, der ursprünglich vom Deutschen er ist, uns wissen ließ, daß die Deutschen sich sehr interessieren, daß neue Eltern der kyvonnas von Germany.I sein sollten haben gesendet, die Sie, WE Abbildung der kyvonnas ENLISH BESSER SPRECHEN ALS GERMANY.I HABEN GESCHRIEBEN ZWEI BRIEFE, EIN BUCHSTABE IN ENGLISCHEM UND IM ANDEREN IN DEUTSCHLAND IST, ALSO SIE VERSTEHEN SOLLTEN, DASS SIE MIT US AN TELEFON +237-7762-0394 IN VERBINDUNG TRETEN KÖNNEN, ODER SIE mit UNSEREM ANNAHME-RECHTSANWALT IN VERBINDUNG TRETEN KÖNNEN WHO IM Vereinigten Königreich AN TELEFON IST, +447024030983 SIE KLINGEN, ALSO NETTER GOTT SEGNEN SIE SCHWESTER EDWAN
Ich verkaufe dem Baby nicht, aber suche einfach nach einer Lieben-Familie, um ihren ok zu übernehmen
Now here's posted information this scumbag will regret for a long time. http://botfon.org/anglo.html confirms that Tembe Hilary Ngu is the owner of of 237-77620394
http://www.mybestplay.com/jugadores/con ... 348ii1.htm
Hilary Nguh
BUEA [Camerún] 24 años
Ficha visitada 4 veces desde el 03/08/2009
Hilary Nguh en MybestPlay
Teléfono Personal 1: 00 237 77620394.
He also uses the nickname "lazyjam2000" and lazyjam2000@yahoo.com
On Fri, 4/10/09, lazyjam2000 <lazyjam2000@...> wrote:
From: lazyjam2000 <lazyjam2000@...>
Subject: [WorldCitizen] The World Password is not recognised anywhere
To: WorldCitizen@yahoogroups.com
Date: Friday, April 10, 2009, 1:06 AM
My name is Hilary.I am from Cameroon and i attempted to travel from Nigeria to Norway using the World passport but i was almost locked up in jail.If not for the fact that i am a registered member of a human rights group,i would have probably been writing from jail.My dear Africans,i understand your desire to travel.please there is no need to apply for the world passport save money for application fee for something else .If you want some clarification then email me through lazyjam2000@ yahoo.com
Best regards

This account has been suspended for violating the Terms of Service

http://www.wayn.com/waynphotos.html?...be r=13324571
Name : Hilary Tembe
Gender : male
Age : 34
Nationality : English
Location : Dundee (City of), Scotland
Last login : 23rd October 2009
Hilary is: Studying It in Hyderabad
Here is his Yahoo profile complete with photo of the scumbag confirming lazyjam2000@yahoo.com belongs to Tembe Hilary Ngu: http://profiles.yahoo.com/lazyjam2000
He can delete all the photos he wants, we have archived copies.

What's a few Cameroon orphans more or less, even if many of them where born with HIV and they are in dire need of medicine and nutritious food in order to fight the disease, his fancy clothes are much more important, not to mention his multiple mobile phones he's clutching like the criminal cockroach that he is. I wonder how many died because he scammed their potential adoptive parents so that he could buy those fancy threads. That's what I call a PIG

Cameroon criminal Tembe Hilary Ngu who steals from Cameroon orphans, and who scams families worldwide that wishes to adopt these orphans.

Cameroon cybercriminal Tembe Hilary Ngu

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