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Achankeng Daniel


Unread post by Caped Crusader » Thu Mar 03, 2016 12:44 pm

Name of scammer: Achankeng Daniel

Scammer's known aliases: Danny Cool, Dannycool09

Scammer's known email addresses:,,

Scammer's known telephone numbers: 23775823134, 23794740558, 2376202316, 2373332764, 2373332333, 447031880116, 447031868459, 447045738697,

Scammer Achankeng Daniel, AKA Danny Cool / Dannycool09.

Daniel Achankeng is connected to the following including Achille Brice's nest of phishing sites
Telephones: 2377 5823134 / 237 94740558
44 7031880116 / 44 7031868459
Credit Card PHISHING page: /
+44 70 457 386 97 / +237 74 80 08 58 /
+44 7045738697 / +237 74800858
CC PHISHING also included in a sub directory, scammer Achille Brice's bogus Cameroon Artist Residency Program advance fee fraud. Since both these criminals share the same domain/nest of scam and phishing sites, we can safely assume that these two maggots are scamming buddies. And we know that Dodobird does the same to maggots, as she does to worms. Ouch!

Even though we already knew both where involved, Biniray tried to blame Danny Cool for that nest of criminal sites on, as you can see from Achille Brice's own words when he posted, impersonating a Cameroon police officer. He also purposely misspelled his name probably show to his buddy that he didn't really rat on him, while knowing full well that "Danny Cool" would lead us to Daniel Achankeng anyway :
I walked up to a guy in a cyber and told him I am a scammer too and I wish to use their website to host some details for a virtual client of mine in the USA. I further told him that I am interested in hosting the details with In the hopes to be directed to Assoua Achille, I was informed a certain “Awakche Dan” known to his friends as “Danny Cool” is the owner of the site. Further more I was informed by this young man (They call him “PK” and others called his “Pascal” ) I am now talking of two individuals – Danny & PK. PK informed me that danny’s website has been shut down. So I asked him how do I have my own website. He told me that they have credit card informations they use to register domain names and it will cost me 100,000frs CFA ($200USD) for a website and a .com hosting. Still no trace of Achille. I asked him how do I call “Danny”? he further gave me the number 96895137 (claiming it’s Danny’s new number). I tried calling the number to no avail. Looks like it’s been blocked or banned.
Achille Brice even tried to pass off his phone number used in the Cameroon Artist Residency scam, 96895137 as belonging to his buddy Achankeng Daniel. Ignoring the fact that just a few days earlier, Brice had confirmed to us (our scam bait) that we could reach him at 237-96895137.

Achankeng Daniel has been involved in numerous frauds for years as demonstrated by these import scams going back prior to June 2007 (7 digit phone number)
Quote: ... ories.html
Tel: 237 620 2316
Fax: 333 27 64
Zip Code: 00237
Contact Person: Mr. Achankeng Daniel
Country: Central African Republic ... tinfo.html
Company Name: allan and family company ltd
Contact Person: Mr. johnson allan
Street Address: Molyko
City: Buea
Province/State: Southwest Province
Country/Region: Cameroon
Zip: 00237
Telephone: 237-620-2316
Fax: 237-333-2333
Thanks to Achille Brice Eteki's incompetence, and the fact that he stabbed you in the back in an attempt to save his cowardly hide, we can now enjoy photos of the little thief named Daniel Achankeng. I suspect your new notoriety will likely wipe that stupid smile off your face.


Steal like an assh*le, smile like an idiot. Trademark of criminal Daniel Achankeng

Cameroon scammer Achankeng Daniel

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