Nasabi Ebune Musonge, presently living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Nasabi Ebune Musonge, presently living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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Nasabi Ebune Musonge

Scammer's known aliases: Musonge Nasabi, Lee N Musonge, Nasabi Moreira, Musonge Martin

Scammer's known email addresses:,, Skype: Nasabi21, Yahoo: nasco419,,

Scammer's known telephone numbers: 60162644453, 60129239326

Main scammer picture: Image

Personal profile link:

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Profile information

First Facebook profile;
Musonge Nasabi
Basic Information
Sex: Male
Birthday: September 27, 1985
Relationship Status: In an Open Relationship
Contact Information
Facebook Profile:
Education and Work
* Limkokwing University Of Creative Technology '08
Second Facebook profile;
Lee N Musonge
About Me
Basic Info
Sex: Male
Birthday: September 27
Siblings: Sheron Akale
Relationship Status: Married
Interested In: Women
Looking For: Friendship
A Relationship
Hometown: Douala, Cameroon
Political Views: Let the strong win
Religious Views: Christian - Presbyterian
Contact Information
Contact Info
Mobile Number: 60162644453
Windows Live:
Skype: Nasabi21
Yahoo: nasco419
Facebook Profile:
Other profiles here;
Nasabi Musonge
Student at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology
* Limkokwing University of Creative Technology
Formation de Nasabi Musonge
* Limkokwing University of Creative Technology
2008 — 2010
Nasabi Musonge
Fonction et organisation: Mr, Limkokwng University
Sexe et âge: Homme, 23
Endroit : Kuala Selangor, Selangor
Pays de résidence Malaisie Malaisie
Pays de naissance Cameroun Cameroun
Langues: anglais ... ut-me.html
Tuesday, May 12, 2009
About me
Well when you ask about NASABI Musonge...there is one thing they will ask you...Are you looking for Nasco?...They only and favourable answer to give at that time will be a YES...I am a born and breath Cameroonian and could say also biligual by blood and spirit...I am abotu 1m82 in height and have a great weight...I lived and studied my nursery and primary education in Douala, Littoral(the biggest city in Cameroon) for those who don't know it and then later on moved to Buea for my seeocndary education...Well as life went on i found myself into Presbyterian Comprehensive Secondary School(PCSS) then but now Presbyterian Comprehenvsive High School(PCHS) Buea(one of the coldest towns in Cameroon.)...Later went to Presbyterian High School Kumba(PHS) and there did my advance...(to be continued)
Ask and you shall be served...
Long Live the BIG 5IVE.
Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hello My Fellow Travellers,
I know most of us youths in the 21st Century want to travel out of Africa and Cameroon in particular which is my country...Well i will say there is a way where there seems to be no way...Those wanting to move to Asia which is a fast develpoing Continent and lets say free from recession then here is the opportunity for you...This is based on those who want to further their sutdies be it in Medicine,Business,Engineering and so on, then you shouldn't waste anymore time than to contact me and i will do the rest for you.This is education at a very moderate rate and you have the opportunity to travel from here to any place in the world to get other degrees.
Looking forward to help me fellow brothers and sisters get the best of education.
Thanks you and see you soon over here.
Posted by nasco at 6:21:00 PM
Image ... hp?t=38532
Western Union / Moneygram information
If you have payment information for this scammer, this is where you put it

NAME:.......................... MUSONGE NASABI
COUNTRY:..................... MALAYSIA
ZIP CODE:.................... 11700
Test question: hello
Answer: hi
Link to real ID ... Result.pdf
Real ID info
If you have uncovered the real ID of your scammer, show how here

Scam link ... hp?t=38532
Scam text/format <===PHISHING
Telephone : 0060129239326 / 60129239326 / 60 1 2923 9326 / 60 129239326
Western Union payment information
NAME:.......................... MUSONGE NASABI
COUNTRY:..................... MALAYSIA
ZIP CODE:.................... 11700
Test question: hello
Answer: hi

hello thanks for the intrest on bella ok?? l She is home trained
and well tame. She loves to be pampered and above all keeps to
instructions especially in English. She is DNA tested and will be
coming with all vet documents and with cage, food and playing toys .
She is very friendly ..She loves the company of kids and other pets .
She has been hand raised since she was 14 days old and she is very
well socialized for human interaction! She will make an excellent
companion.She is been fed only with high quality foods.This lovely
parrot has been weaned onto Zupreem Avian Maintenance Pellets,
Nutriberries, Avicakes, fruits, veggies, home made parrot foods, and
more! She is called Bella and she is 1 year old.her vocabulary
consists of hello, I love you, look at me, Thank you, goodbye, ok,
ouch and loves dancing when you sing to her. She loves giving kisses
and getting kisses back. She is constantly surrounded by my Kid of 10
and a dog. She comes with all her toys.She is not a
plucker ,I want her to go to a good home.I love Bella and I am trying
to place her in the best home possible.We love her so much but its
unfortunate that we cant even give her the love and affection we have
in our hearts for her.
She will be coming with her complete papers and all is in place
she is well tamed, My husband won't allow bella in the house for reason
being that, She belonged to my daughter(Melissa) Who just passed away
from a car accident on her way back from her piano classes so he has
very bad memories when ever he sees the bird around him,because bella was
always with Mellisa. I really need to give her to someone who can
really care and love her just the way Melissa did .Bella has been very
lonely since Melissa passed away.We are re-homing Bella for $300.
Hope you won't mind if i ask you a few questions:

Do you have kids?
Do you have any experience with Birds?
Are you a breeder or will you breed her in the future if i let you have her?
Will you send us updates about her from time to time and pictures?
I am just being concerned about the type of home she will be going
to ,so that is why i am curious to know. I love her so much and i
want to make sure goes to a family that will show her the affection
she deserves.
Do you like the bird and are you are taking her with the eggs
each egg cost 35$
we are presently located in Malaysia and shipping is possible


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