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Kanji Eric


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Kanji Eric

Scammer's known aliases: Kanji Eric, Eric K., GILLY CAM CO.LTD, Kanji Cameroon Corporation PLC, Ms. Agri Pro, Quan Quan Eric

Scammer's known email addresses: gillycam@yahoo.com

Scammer's known telephone numbers: 23775307588, 23794812208, 23796118917

Main scammer picture:

Personal profile link: http://www.facebook.com/quan.eric1

Profile screenshot: Image

Profile information

Kanji Eric
About Me
Basic Info Sex: Male
Birthday: February 5, 1986

Work and Education
College • University of Buea

High School • saint joseph's college sasse '97

Contact Information
Contact Info Email: gillycam@yahoo.com

Scam link : http://www.chemchinanet.com/buyer/i1113 ... _bulk.html
Scam text/format

Available amber in bulk

Buyer Details:
Time:2009-12-29 01:14:37
Inquiried Product:
Inquiried supplier:
re reliable supplier sof walnut kernel ,please if interested contact us through gillycam@yahoo.com for more information,best regards, Sales Manager, Eric.K 23775307588

Scam link: http://asiacleantech.wordpress.com/2007/09/28/133/
Scam text/format

.Good day Sir,
we are reliable suppliers of jatropha oil based i the Republic of Cameroon.we are capable of supplying you 7000 to 10000 metric tonnes for any oil above and we sell at an affordable offer,if interested you contact gillycam@yahoo.com or all 23775307588,best regards
Sales Manager,

Scam link : http://www.cheaponsale.com/d-p111531041 ... eseed_oil/
Scam text/format

Crude Degummed Rapeseed Oil

Quality crude degummed rapeseed oil products, provide good price crude degummed rapeseed oil from GILLICAM.
Country/Region Cameroon
City & Province Indonesia
Categories Plant & Animal Oil

we are reliable supliers of rapeseed oil based in Cameroon and we are capable of supplying you 10000 to 12000 MT per month at $235 per MT ,If interested you contact us for more details,best regards,
Product Details:
Processing Type: Crude
thick: yellowish
Product Type: Nut & Seed Oil
Type: Rapeseed Oil
Send Inquiry To Crude Degummed Rapeseed Oil Manufacturer
Mr. kanji Eric

Scam link : http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/s ... google.com
Scam text/format

Ad id number: 141669
Action: Sell
Item: jatropha ,rapeseed oil
Category: Other
Price: $220 per MT USD
Description: Dear sir, we are reliable suppliers of the above oil based in Cameroon.we are known asw Kanji Cameroon Corporation and we are capable of supplying you 30000MT per month.
Name: kanji Eric
Email: Click here to email the person who posted this ad
URL: kanji cameroon Corporation PLC
Phone: 00023796118917
Address: PO.Box : 567, Limbe, 237, Cameroon
Expires: Oct 26, 2008

IP addresses :

http://norway.balticnordic.com/kanji-ca ... mpany.html
Kanji Cameroon Corporation PLC

23 Street
Limbe, 00237
South (Sud), Kamerun

+237 (0)0 7530 7588
+237 (0)0 9481 2208
+237 23775307588
Additional Information:
23 Street
Limbe, 00237
South (Sud), Kamerun



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