Repercussions of scams on other Cameroonians

Exposures for 419 Scammers in Cameroon
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Repercussions of scams on other Cameroonians


Unread post by Caped Crusader » Thu Feb 25, 2016 8:10 am

Malaysia had over 4000 African students in 2009. This is an incredible opportunity for young Africans to go and study at Malaysian colleges and learn about different cultures. Due to high instances of fraud and other issues on the part of some students especially from West Africa, at the request of the government, some colleges have reduced or eliminated the number of students from Nigeria for example. Cameroon on a per capita basis is as bad if not worse than Nigeria when it comes to scamming, and as you can see by the Cameroon scammers in Malaysia exposed in this thread, don't be surprised if the the same type of restrictions is being applied against young Cameroonians. The same could also happen in other countries Cameroon scammers are infiltrating such as Cyprus which is a another one of their favourite destination.
As you see in this thread, when these thieves arrive in Malaysia, they skip school and basically spend all their time doing Internet fraud and going to nightclubs. This makes them parasites as they are of absolutely no use or value to anyone and are living off the money they steal from their victims, and that's the definition of a parasite. They are a liability to Malaysia, the U.K., the Ukraine, Germany and also Cameroon.

There is also a danger of repercussion from the citizens of countries such as Malaysia, who are not only being scammed by Cameroon criminals like Serge Christian Abomo, Matou Ngando Elvis, Che Collins Fru and Njume Effilo who are supposedly there to study, but Malaysians are also being blamed for these scams by victims on all continents. Malaysia is now known as a major source of Internet fraud specially with electronics scams such as iPhone. Cameroon scammers in Malaysia are presently doing a multitude of scam formats including fake electronics sales using Malaysian mobile phones, and Malaysian citizens are being blamed by the International community. Cameroon scammers who have completely destroyed Cameroon's reputation, are now doing the same to other countries. That's about as ingrate as it gets.

- If you are an honest Cameroonian who works and live abroad (Bushfaller), you could be victimized by being suspected as being a scammer by a number of citizen of those countries, as you may have experienced. I have seen complaints from honest hard working Cameroonians in China for example, and I really do feel bad for you as this type of thing has a domino effect. These Cameroon scammers don't much care about you.

- If you are an honest Cameroonian living in Cameroon. Because of these thieves and their scams, your chances of getting a student grant from a foreign institution is certainly not improving. The general economical health of Cameroon has been affected by it's dreadful reputation, and all Cameroonians are paying the price with reduced International trade due to these same puppy scammers doing export frauds against international importers. Next time you complain against Government corruption in Cameroon, which you have ample reasons to do, keep in mind that these scammers are part of that corruption stifling your development. I've seen a number of times, Cameroon scammers complaining about corruption amongst elected officials, that's laughable considering that scammers and corrupt officials are hand in hand in the destruction of Cameroon. Next time you see these scammers showing off their bling and fancy clothes in Molyko nightclubs, see them in the same light you see that crooked politician driving his fancy car down University street. They are one and the same, you should recognize that both are pigs instead of praising or envying the scammers.

- If you are an honest Cameroonian at home or living abroad, who tolerates these scammers because they are scamming the white man, you are a racist and no better than the scammers and you deserve whatever misery scammers have caused your country. It's surprising to see Cameroonians living in the U.S.A. supporting Cameroon scammers who steal from USA citizens. All I can say is you deserve each other.

- If you are a Cameroon scammer that's been exposed here and you wish to complain about identity theft, phone theft, email account theft, blackmail, voodoo or whatever, I will tell you that we don't expose a scammer unless we have 100% evidence. Also we've had dozens of scammers come here with such claims and every single one without exception posted a load of bullsh*t. In every case, the scammer wound up much worse for having attempted to scam us with his fairy tale. For that reason, if you still insist in posting, I ask that you first take a number and wait your turn, at your local Cameroon police station where you may file a complaint.

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