239 Scam/Fake Websites from West African Scammers

Lists of websites that we have identified as being used for scam purposes, including impersonating real companies or posing as fake companies or agencies. They fall into several scam categories. It was easier for us to list them rather than post them separately. Read Scam Websites
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239 Scam/Fake Websites from West African Scammers


Unread post by Garrett » Mon Dec 30, 2019 5:27 pm

For further information on these Scams, please Read Identifying Scammers and Scam Websites! and Never Wire Money to Strangers! or click below on these images

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These are lists of scams and scam websites which we do not have the time to actually categorize or can be used in multiple scams. Besides the categorizes we highlight, they may include Next of Kin, Trunk Box Scam, Dying Widow, Rich Orphan, Payment Representative, Fake FBI, Fake Compensation Scam, Sextortion scam, etc.

These fake websites originate mainly from Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Benin etc.., Fake banks, Fake Shipping companies, job scams using fake construction companies, fake hospitals, Bitcoin scams, and various other Nigerian advance fee frauds

As an example of what you could be dealing with, here are some scammers that have been formely identified:
Cameroon: http://stop419scams.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=125
Nigeria: viewforum.php?f=20
Benin: viewforum.php?f=14
Ghana: viewforum.php?f=19

SCAM fleetshippingexpress.com
SCAM glowscrapltd.com
SCAM glowpaperltd.com
SCAM glowglobaltrading.com
SCAM glowfrozenfoods.com
SCAM medschempharmacyonline.com
SCAM globalmarijuanaonlineshop.com
SCAM royaleinternationalline.com
SCAM petsstandarddeliveryservices.com
SCAM samrexscrapltd.com
SCAM safeairxpresslline.com
SCAM topchemicalspharma.com
SCAM metrolincosarl.com
SCAM samrexpaperltd.com
SCAM greysnests.com
SCAM gcombgh.com
SCAM mamecoshippingandlogisticsinc.com
SCAM herbalifemarijuanastore.com
SCAM latino-birds.com
SCAM jazzchemiconlineshop.com
SCAM alfabaymarkets.com
SCAM uzyskacprawojazdy.com
SCAM samrexglobaltrading.com
SCAM shoppersbestbud.com
SCAM samrexconsumergoods.com
SCAM hi-ship.org
SCAM translogisticsshippinglines.com
SCAM fazzaelectronicshop.com
SCAM hyperatlanticcargotransport.com
SCAM samrexfrozenfoods.com
SCAM thangbreedersfishfarm.com
SCAM expressshippinglines.com
SCAM drewsexoticbirds.com o
SCAM leadwaythaicompanyltd.com
SCAM vanothuisebv.com
SCAM rsalogisticse.com info@rsalogisticse.com rsalogisticse@aol.com
SCAM fastlogisticsexpress.com
SCAM katieparrotsfarm.com
SCAM tradingcompanyblltd.com
SCAM ediblecompanyblltd.com
SCAM andesbirdsfarm.com
SCAM thangfishery.com
SCAM emiratesexpressmovers.com
SCAM jpautocars.com
SCAM ukralex-logistics.com
SCAM steamshiplogistics.com
SCAM dmytroagro.com aug
SCAM sandymainecoon.com
SCAM tjmorrisltd.com
SCAM medication-shop.com
SCAM lktvist.com
SCAM pillsmethpack.com
SCAM medicalkushbudshop.com
SCAM ussafedeliveries.com
SCAM agrosjspzoo.com
SCAM mypillspharmacy.com
SCAM fleetshippinglines.com
SCAM shopchemicalsonline.com
SCAM mykushfarm.com
SCAM majesticshippinglines.com
SCAM onlinemedicalmarijuanashop.com
SCAM getmedicalmarijuanaonline.com
SCAM biomasswoodsllc.com
SCAM postavastradingllc.com
SCAM olecosarllcc.com
SCAM maspexgrupallc.com
SCAM fextyglobalsarl.com
SCAM mbank-onlines.com
SCAM solidtrustonline.com
SCAM hs-bcnetb.com
SCAM celestialmagiccrops.com
SCAM discountpalaceamsterdambv.com
SCAM 420globalvapesstore.com
SCAM heancohaulageservice.com
SCAM perfectpostonline.com
SCAM seawavesecurity.com
SCAM airmearsk.com
SCAM newyorkmortgagefundingllc.com
SCAM netfleetlogistics.com
SCAM primeevolutionlogistics.com
SCAM proceedlogisticsworldwide.com
SCAM airwingsdiplomaticcouriers.com
SCAM ligtrig.com
SCAM primeglobalcourier.com
SCAM rexonsecurity.com
SCAM frontlinedeliveryexpress.com
SCAM maximumexpressdelivery.com
SCAM anchoragedeliverylogistics.com
SCAM globalworldshipping.com
SCAM zenoxcourierexpress.com
SCAM standardmerchantofs.com
SCAM overseasdocs.com
SCAM therealmarijuana.com
SCAM kush-hub.com
SCAM globalexpressmail.com
SCAM traveldocsonline.com
SCAM ultimateglobaldelivery.com
SCAM mjmilescannastore.com
SCAM nationwide-groups.com
SCAM cargoenvoy.com
SCAM trade-btc.net
SCAM morganscapitalbk.net
SCAM scbankgroup.com
SCAM citidirectportal.com
SCAM americanfirstloans.com
SCAM northbankco.com
SCAM uranofinancing.com
SCAM gmfbank.com
SCAM quickloan-services.com
SCAM generallogisticsdelivery.com
SCAM beautycatshome.com
SCAM documentsassistant.com
SCAM premiumaccounts.net
SCAM streemzmedia.com
SCAM mundopetscourier.com
SCAM champsbulldog.com
SCAM midwestcavaliers.com
SCAM amazingfrenchies.com
SCAM classicworldwidelogistics.com
SCAM impacfundingcorporations.com
SCAM captainspiritcargo.com
SCAM fxlivetrade.online
SCAM netfleetexp.com
SCAM organicganjashop.com
SCAM rebitcoin.xyz
SCAM qadirbae.com
SCAM fabankae.com
SCAM arabbplc.com
SCAM thc420world.com
SCAM camtel-shop.com
SCAM bankaxaa.com
SCAM southfwb.com
SCAM rapide-finance.com
SCAM bitacces.com
SCAM illuminatiam666.com
SCAM flyfscourier.com
SCAM tacdate.com
SCAM manpowersecurityservices.com
SCAM truelovespelltips.com
SCAM alliedfinances.com
SCAM shoppinghojaye.com
SCAM correosexpressshipping.info
SCAM nevadadeliverylogistics.com
SCAM alfabk.com
SCAM mandsmedstore.com
SCAM pacificcu.com
SCAM sourcesecuritycompanylimited.online
SCAM citigroupsmy.com
SCAM postdeliverycompany.com
SCAM onavoexpressdelivery.com
SCAM keywestanndco.com
SCAM medicalcannabisbudshop.com
SCAM flyairexpresscourier.com
SCAM pacificexpressdelivery.us
SCAM switfsdoortodoorcompany.info
SCAM mypillstreat.com
SCAM grossworldwideexpress.online
SCAM globalmaxlogistics.us
SCAM potsnbuds.com
SCAM heavendispensary.com
SCAM universalgroup-uk.org
SCAM rainbowsteroids.com
SCAM dermatouch.shop
SCAM safexpresslogistic.info
SCAM scottishfoldcattery.com
SCAM smartbudshome.com
SCAM fedexmailshipping.com
SCAM dariosbudstore.com
SCAM saphiretrustbk.us
SCAM halifaxexpress.info
SCAM contbk.com
SCAM bulldogs4sale.org
SCAM statetrust.us
SCAM havanadispensary.com
SCAM billyrocker.com
SCAM standardaccessbk.com
SCAM pacificalliancesplc.us
SCAM keysb.online
SCAM yfederal.us
SCAM buy-oxycodone.com
SCAM buy-dmt.com
SCAM buy-ambien-online.com
SCAM onlinemarijuanashop.net
SCAM ultimateganjastore.com
SCAM qqmedics.com
SCAM emsexpressmailservice.com
SCAM autheticsdocs.com
SCAM streetmedpharma.com
SCAM legitdocumentscounterfietnote.com
SCAM interac-etrasfer.com
SCAM supplypills.com
SCAM corgipuppiesforsale.org
SCAM psychedelicsshop.org
SCAM globemrkt.com
SCAM scottishfoldkittensforsale.net
SCAM partydrugs.net
SCAM internationalshippingexpress.com
SCAM cafe-bkk.com
SCAM zenithbn.com
SCAM lnttransdetail.com
SCAM linkcourierlogistics.com
SCAM fairfieldcountibank.com
SCAM buy-uksteroids.com
SCAM carlshippinginc.com
SCAM uk-premiumfillers.com
SCAM upsinternationalservices.com
SCAM royalcounterfeitdocs.com
SCAM melopharmacy.com
SCAM vodalaboratories.com
SCAM fordcarsforsales.com
SCAM anabolicdatabase.com
SCAM supremequalitynotes.net
SCAM huaxiabankgroup.com
SCAM greenvilleoffshorebank.com
SCAM purestmetals.com
SCAM vapescartridges.com
SCAM illuminatifastrich.org
SCAM piillz.com dec 29, 2019
SCAM illuminatisecret.org
SCAM globalmoverscourier.com
SCAM e-finaglobe.com
SCAM fastaircourier.com
SCAM fasteraircourier.com
SCAM theilluminatielite.com
SCAM firstgloballogistix.com
SCAM standardcharteredpvt.com
SCAM getajobgh.com
SCAM firstgloballogistix.com
SCAM cryptomarkettrade.online
SCAM oceanpostexpress.com
SCAM adislogistics.com
SCAM oceanpostexpress.com
SCAM adislogistics.com
SCAM glowsworthlabchem.com
SCAM lenderandborrower.com
SCAM bitcoinhives.com
SCAM intlbnym.com
SCAM btc-coinloan.com
SCAM globalairlinedelivery.com

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