49 Scam Websites

Websites that we have identified as being used for scam persons, including impersonating real companies or representing fake companies or agencies. They fall into several scam categories. Read Scam Websites
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49 Scam Websites


Unread post by Caped Crusader » Thu Mar 14, 2019 11:05 am

For further information on these Scams, please Read Identifying Scammers and Scam Websites! and Never Wire Money to Strangers! or click below on these images

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These fake websites fall into several scam categories including fake job, fake bank, fake law firm, non-delivery, fake jobs, fake shipper, fake tender, fake oil, etc. Some of the websites only have index files. That indicates that the scammer purchased the domain so that he could send out emails that appear to be from a real company. Most are erected by West African scammers mainly from Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana etc.., living in various countries, most having entered those countries using student or working visas.

Here are some scammers that have been formerly identified ==>List of Cameroon Scammers and List of Nigerian Scammers

ALL websites below are scams without exception, job scams, lottery scams, non-delivery, credit card fraud, reshipping scams, money mule/check scams, fake banks, fake law firm etc...ALL of them! Most if not all are from West African scammers from Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana etc.., including expatriates living in various countries.
Examples of some scammers that have been identified: https://www.stop419scams.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=125

SCAM prologisticexpress.com info@prologisticexpress.com +1 (469)202 9469
SCAM skysmokeshopnearme.com info@skysmokeshopnearme.com +1 (415) 340 5022
SCAM skyvapeshopnearme.com support@skyvapeshopnearme.com +1 (530) 948 8230
SCAM legaldocshub.com info@legaldocshub.com support@legaldocshub.com
SCAM busylineshiping.com (310) 555-2711 info@busylineshipping.com
SCAM hamza.ali000001@gmail (310) 555-2711 firstdeliverywide@firstdeliverywide.com
SCAM legaldocshub.com support@roadthemes.com
SCAM accesspaper.net 1(847)786-5694 info@accesspaper.net
SCAM cervantescannashop.com +1 910-377-1010 jorgecervantessmokeshop@gmail.com
SCAM onlinexpresskush.com (213)262-8694) karlrichard32@gmail.com info@onlinexpresskush.com
SCAM megacbdtraders.com contact@megacbdtraders.com (909) 375-6093
SCAM fastworldexpressdelivery.com +1-(479)-777-1859 info@fastworldexpressdelivery.com customercare@fastworldexpressdelivery.com
SCAM safmarinelane.com info@safmarinelane.com +18452872387
SCAM wescoastcl.com Phone+264 8188 15021 contact@wescoastcl.com office@wescoastcl.com SOA-masonpratts@gmail.com
SCAM mycourierlane.com +16466550409 info@mycourierlane.com
SCAM deliverylane.pw +905394110866 info@deliverylane.pw craig@deliverylane.pw
SCAM worldexpressdeliverymax.com +16093252354 info@worldexpressdeliverymax.com
SCAM goldenlinkservice.com +233-503-063-242 info@goldenlinkservice.com
SCAM natodeliveryservice.com +1-917-722-8664 info@natodeliveryservice.com
SCAM anchorsecdelivery.com +1 (630) 884 0606 info@anchorsecdelivery.com despatch@anchorsecdelivery.com
SCAM kfconstructionsgroup.com +44 744 139 3445 / +1 205 624 0234
SCAM hawksecurityvaults.com info@hawksecurityvaults.com +971 52 729 4331
SCAM riolexlogisticservice +1-224-407-8425 info@riolexlogisticservice.com
SCAM lewiswrightadvocates.com info@lewiswrightadvocates.com
SCAM mediterraneansfastshipping.com info@mediterraneansfastshipping.com
SCAM sterlinglogisticservice.com info@sterlinglogisticservice.com support@sterlinglogisticservice.com
SCAM eparcelservice.com info@eparcelservice.com customercare@eparcelservice.com
SCAM expressdiplomaticshipping.com info@expressdiplomaticshipping.com
SCAM purolatol.org +1 (515) 329-1717 info@purolatol.org customercare@purolatol.org
SCAM hi-forcecourierservice.com : info@hi-forcecourierservice.com support@hi-forcecourierservice.com
SCAM efnexpresslogisticsdelivery.info info@efnexpresslogisticsdelivery.info
SCAM aset-forwarders.com info@aset-forwarders.com
SCAM sunexpressdeliveryservice.com +447426068444 info@sunexpressdeliveryservice.com
SCAM killpainonlinephama.com info@killpainonlinephama.com
SCAM sorepcatradingco.com info@sorepcatradingco.com
SCAM samrexgloballtd.com +380981349124 info.samrexgloballtd@gmail.com
SCAM ellysianmaltese.com info@ellysianmaltese.com
SCAM thehomeofpoodles.com info@thehomeofpoodles.com
SCAM fidelity-petlogistic.com +1 202-601-5805 info@apettransport.com
SCAM apettransport.com +1 202-601-5805 info@apettransport.com
SCAM jonnygermanrottyhome.com GERMANROTTYFAM12@GMAIL.COM +12104941840
SCAM markus-global.com info@markus-global.com
SCAM flagstar-express.com +1 210-346-0871 info@flagstar-express.com
SCAM fastexpressdocuments.com +18165094615 info@fastexpressdocuments.com
SCAM home4beaglepuppies.com info@home4beaglepuppies.com
SCAM perrimabesttraders.com info@perrimabesttraders.com +380955989702 Perrimatrading@gmail.com
SCAM cavalierkingshome.com infp@cavalierkingshome.com
SCAM aithlogistics.com info@aithlogistics.com +66 8295 36856
SCAM affablechihuahuas.com info@affablechihuahuas.com

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