61 Fake Spellcaster Websites

Lists of websites that we have identified as being used for scam purposes, including impersonating real companies or posing as fake companies or agencies. They fall into several scam categories. It was easier for us to list them rather than post them separately. Read Scam Websites
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61 Fake Spellcaster Websites


Unread post by Caped Crusader » Tue Oct 01, 2019 4:53 pm

For further information on these Scams, please Read Identifying Scammers and Scam Websites! and Never Wire Money to Strangers! or click below on these images

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These are lists of scams and scam websites which we do not have the time to actually categorize or can be used in multiple scams. Besides the categorizes we highlight, they may include Next of Kin, Trunk Box Scam, Dying Widow, Rich Orphan, Payment Representative, Fake FBI, Fake Compensation Scam, Sextortion scam, etc.

*ALL* Fake Spellcasters, Abortion Pill Scam, Illuminati Scams, Fake Healers etc.. *ALL* Advance Fee Frauds.
Note that the same scammers are often also involved in Gold Scams, Credit Card Fraud, Non-Delivery Scams etc...
Here's an example of a Spellcaster/Illuminati scammer also involved in Gold Scams: viewtopic.php?t=6623

SCAM baphometilluminati.com
SCAM bestmagik.com
SCAM bestspellshelp.com
SCAM blackmagiclovespellcastermaria.com
SCAM blackmagicspellfor.com
SCAM broadchildwelfare.org
SCAM castallspells.com
SCAM dr-raymond.com
SCAM drfatima.top
SCAM drhakimspellscaster.com
SCAM drhamismagicspells.com
SCAM drkatapsychichealer.com
SCAM drkevinabortionclinic.wordpress.com
SCAM drrashim.com
SCAM dryusufuclinics.com
SCAM genuinespiritualhealer.com
SCAM illuminatiamjoin.com
SCAM illuminatibenefit.com
SCAM illuminatiriches.com
SCAM illuminatisamael.com
SCAM illuminatisworld.com
SCAM illuminatiwebsite.com
SCAM instantspellz.com
SCAM ivorycapspills.com
SCAM joinedilluminati.com
SCAM joinilluminatiam.com
SCAM joinilluminatimembers.com
SCAM jointheilluminatis.com
SCAM lawencharity.org
SCAM love-spells-chants.com
SCAM loves-spells.com
SCAM lovespells.top
SCAM lovespellz.com
SCAM magicringz.com
SCAM magicspellz.com
SCAM mamaannlovespells.com
SCAM mamamagicspells.com
SCAM nabutukitakula.com
SCAM nativehealerslovespells.com
SCAM nebospells.com
SCAM powerfullspells.com
SCAM powerfulmoneyspell.com
SCAM powerfulquickspells.com
SCAM priestgeorge.com
SCAM profahmedlovespells.net
SCAM profamissi.com
SCAM proffesormamasauda.com
SCAM profiggalovespells.com
SCAM profngoibestspellscaster.com
SCAM psychicadams.com
SCAM realilluminatijoin.com
SCAM realspellsnow.com
SCAM romataspells.com
SCAM sima-lost-love-spells.com
SCAM spellsforlove.net
SCAM spellsthatwork.net
SCAM stayinlovespells.com
SCAM stayinlovespells.com
SCAM theilluminatiagent.com
SCAM traditionalmagicspells.com
SCAM workingspell.com

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12 Fake Spellcaster Websites


Unread post by Garrett » Fri Nov 22, 2019 11:43 am

SCAM traditionalspellcaster.com +27634265680 traditionalspellsmartha@gmail.com
SCAM -priestpaul.com illuminati 27603442798
SCAM -Gold Nagets 4 sale in Africa Congo Uganda call +27603442798
SCAM -Chemical solution +27603442798 to clean up all black money
SCAM -agentpriestpaul.com illuminati 27603442798
SCAM profidrislovespell.com +27603228247 +27 60 322 8247
SCAM profmaurislovespell.com +27 71 785 5677
SCAM Terminating your pregnancy (Fake Abortion Pills) +27717855677
SCAM doctormamaromwe.com +27637045088 +27621208873
SCAM Doctormama Ndangu +27621208873
SCAM romataspells.com +27621208873
SCAM drkeithspellscaster.com +27638680108
SCAM global-illuminatiam.com +1 732 400 5999 (Cameroon scammer Constantine Mbufung)
SCAM bringbacklovespells.com info@bringbacklovespells.com
SCAM castallspells.com +27838713312

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