ATEH LESLIE, currently in Thailand

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ATEH LESLIE, currently in Thailand


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19th June 2014 02:37 PM

Name of scammer: ATEH LESLIE, currently in Thailand ... mobile=off
International Shipping Company contacted me bright and early Friday morning asking to wire the money via western union. My husband said the guy hardly knows english. Are u sure this is legit? I said to him that they can't just keep the puppy. I'm sure the lady did her research before leaving the puppy with them. Of course, i'm still stupidly thinking the puppy exists. I wired the money to the following using
To Ateh Leslie
Western union
Country: thailand
Question:to whom
Answer:my baby
When i sent the money, they replied to me with "flight info" the flight was taking 14 hours to get from DC TO NEW YORK!!!! So i did some research. I checked ANIMAL-AIR who they said the puppy is being shipped with. The airline has a section telling people to be careful of scams in which people are sending puppies and charging $200 just to ship!
So i called western union ASAP and cancelled the transaction. Around 9:30 when the puppy was supposed to "arrive" i get another email from the shipping company that they need more money because the dog's license is invalid and cannot cross Maryland. It took 14 hours to get past one state in a plane???? So my husband picked up the phone when they called to tell us they need more money. The number that calls is 66866250172. ... erid=58182
Member name: mandpcoltd
Contact Name: M&p Co Ltd
Company Name: M&p Co Ltd
Email: Email
Tel: +66866250172
Street Address: 29th Floor Siam
Tower989 Rama, 1 Rd Pathumwan
Bangkok , 10330 Thailand
Bangkok, Bangkok 10330
Import Export Products and Services: A4 Paper, Paper One, Double A Copy Papers, ... search.php
Company name: GlobalResearch
Main industry: Chemicals
Address: 29th Floor Siam Tower989 Rama, 1 Rd Pathumwan
City: bangkok
Country: Thailand
Continent: Asia
Mobile phone: +66866250172
e-mail: please login to see this company e-mail
Contact person: Mr Lee
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Our laboratory is a leading supplier of SSD
solution in Asia, Europe, Africa, America and other continents around
the world. We have the best universal SSD SOLUTIONS for black money
and defaced currencies of any denomination and currency and our main
headquarter is in Thailand .

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