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Franklin Sieyapdji Nzodjo


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3rd July 2014 05:29 AM

Name of scammer: Franklin Sieyapdji Nzodjo ... pdate.html
> POSTAL CODE : 00237
> ANSWER : B ... mobile=off
Just have to thank you for this site, unlike you I bottlers well, I paid the initial value, then came to say that the papers were expired, give damn "Atem Anne," said q ue needed to upgrade, I needed to deposit R $ 600 reais, it around $ 402 usd, as this had no value, it told me to deposit $ $ 300 and that she would deposit the remaining missing, ok, done that. Only when I sent the MTCN for her and the agency, and came to tell me that Bella Atem (it was the same people), used a false identity, and took the money, they said that was my mistake and everything , and the guy who was helping me, said he would make a deal with me, for me to make the deposit of 500 usd, but I had not talked to deposit 250 usd, after much crying here, I put back $ 250, according the guy there, his boss, and found everything, my sister said that this is a robbery, they are thieves, I deposit the money again, more woe, I began to ask God, give me a light that was suffering too much with this, when I was talking about the famous links such fraud, until I found her name, the "Anne Atem" and supposedly the e-mail (, but before the accumulation of these cash that was asked, they said that was not to maintain contact with "Anne" and also that the email was above the rack, so I'm currently cominicando by this email ( and SIEYAPDJI NZODJO FRANKLIN ( Our almost too faint to see the fraud that he do. Just thinking that my mother wanted both Persian kittens, because our fallen and died, now more so, this was the last time, is trace them? Because I'm still with communicable SIEYAPDJI NZODJO FRANKLIN. It came with a crop of the head uncovered, and he's angry, and that is almost being fired who has a daughter to create and such .... I want them to pay for the suffering I caused, not only to me, more like a lot of people

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