Tah Blaise Akeh, presently living in Germany

Exposures for 419 Scammers in Cameroon
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Tah Blaise Akeh, presently living in Germany


Unread post by Secret Squirrel » Thu Mar 03, 2016 6:16 pm

Tah Blaise Akeh

Name of scammer: Tah Blaise Akeh

Scammer's known aliases: X-Machine X de X, Akeh Blaise, Pantino Lezer, Blaise Anderson, Mr. Menkem

Scammer's known email addresses: akehblaise@yahoo.com, sodeavalery@yahoo.com, blaise_anderson20@yahoo.com, akehblaise@yahoo.com, petexpress00@deliveryman.com, ireland1800@yahoo.com, europetexpress@deliveryman.com, x4real2021@yahoo.com

Scammer's known telephone numbers: 23774082964, 447024077840

Main scammer picture:

Personal profile link: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1081573411

Profile screenshot:


Personal profile link: http://hi5.com/friend/p108154849--Blaise+Anderson--html

Profile screenshot:

Profile information: X-Machine X de X, aka Akeh Blaise
About Me
Basic Info
Sex: Male
Birthday: June 23
Relationship Status: Single
Looking For: Friendship
Current City: Berlin
Religious Views: Christian, Protestant
Bio I am just around and always around, looking for my old skool mates to Holla at, so guys if you find me first, then Holla at me.
Work and Education
College * Uni Duisburg-Essen '10
Contact Information
Contact Info
Yahoo: akehblaise

Link: http://blogg-erton.blogspot.com/2007/10 ... -list.html

Western Union / Moneygram information: Anonymous said...
ADD petexpress00@deliveryman.com

They were trying to sell me an english bull dog for $380 and wanted me to send it to a man of the name


they said i had to send money there because the office in kirkland washington was going through audits so I called moneygram and western union and filed fraud reports against him so he cannot send nor collect money through either of these companies and i filed an internet fraud report with the government. If you are scammed call and stop the transaction if you can and tell them this is a fraud so the scammers can't use moeneygram or western union as an option. Hope this helps!

Link to real ID: http://www.cmclick.com/2006%20AL%20Result%20Brd.pdf

Real ID info: (11) TAH BLAISE AKEH:- GEO-E,REL-E,

Scam link: http://www.recycleinme.com/search/Suspi ... x?id=17340
Scam text/format: Company Name Menkem &sons Co Ltd
Name Mr.Menkem
Nature Waste/Scrap Dealer
Mobile No 23774082964
Phone +237-74-082964
Email sodeavalery@yahoo.com
Address Menkem&sons Co Ltd
City Limbe
Country Cameroon
Company Description we deal in both scrab and precious metals.we do supply both home and abroad. our products are quite good as been confirmed by our current clients and also by oue engineers and lab consultants. we are open to both companies and individuals and thus will be happy to deal with any one who comesforth . thanks for dealing with Menkem&sons co LTD

Scam link: http://www.citylocal.co.uk/cities/Ashfo ... 16947.html
They are very lovely and caring to kids.
they are affectionate and very interesting.
having teddy bear faces,very attractive.
i will give them for free this x-mas season.
so i am looking for a lovely and caring home for them.
just reply to blaise_anderson20@yahoo.com for more info.
they are 9 weeks old.potty/home trained.
you will like them so well.

Scam link: http://www.myneighbourhoods.co.uk/marke ... Cat4_ID%3D
Scam text/format: 6 African greys for free adoption
Market Place › Pets › Dogs
Item name: 6 African greys for free adoption
Location: M7 view on map
Seller: blaiseanderson
Price: £70.00
they are very intelligent.are all talkertive.all hands raised.loves children and other pets.
they are vet checked with a vaccination book,
will be happy to reach a new home this x-mas.
contact tel, 07024077840
Price: £70.00

Scam link: http://metairie.olx.com/brand-new-ps3-n ... id-1577658
Scam text/format: brand new PS3 north american version(60gb) — Metairie

Location: Metairie, Louisiana, United States
Date Posted: April 24
Phone: 888-0000000

i have a brand new ps3 for sale.with all it,s accessories.60 gb

if important contact me via akehblaise@yahoo.com


His other personal profiles;

http://www.perfspot.com/profile.asp?uid ... 8A4B66E73F






More of his scams;

http://www.adoos.co.uk/post/2694015/cut ... g_adoption
Ad Details
Location: Chelsea, Central London, London
Price:£180 Advertiser:PrivateCondition:Used
i am looking for an adoptive person that will spoil my puppies with love and care.
That home full of peace and love.
my babies are all potty and home trained.They are vey friendly to children and loves playing with them.
all are vet checked and vaccinated.
contact via e-mail
Last updated: Tuesday, 8 April Adoos Reference: 2694015
Contact Details

User: Anonymous
http://www.sevende.es/bulldog_ingles_ca ... a802_.html
hola tenemos cuatro Inglés toro cachorros de perro listo para su aprobación. Todos ellos están bien entrenados y el amor jugando con los niños tan bien. Todos ellos están controlados veterinario y vacunados. Todos ellos tienen sus documentos y que estén matriculados. Estoy buscando casas a estropear con el gran amor y cuidado. En contacto conmigo a través del correo electrónico para obtener más información 07024077840
http://busco.net/anuncios/ficha76718/an ... probacion/
dos monos capuchinos para su aprobación
catalona ( 8965 - Madrid ) España
Email: x4real2021@yahoo.com
Contacto: mac Tel: 07024077840
Tenemos dos monos negros listos para su aprobación. Ellos son controlados veterinario y vacunados. Amor jugando con los niños y adultos. Contactar por e-mail para obtener más información
Incluido el 21-07-2008
http://metairie.olx.com/job-as-assistan ... id-1579620
Location: Metairie, Louisiana, United States
Date Posted: April 24
Phone: 000000000000
i am the employment secretrary in TABAKEH OIL REFINARY IN CAMEROON.

So,recruitment is currently going on uptil 26 of may 2007.

your resume` and two passport photo needed.

as for the salary,it is $750 a day.

housing provided.and a car.

you work in 23 days a month.

reply via akehblaise@yahoo.com or sodeavalery@yahoo.com.

the applicant may come from any part in the world.

your visa will be facilitated by the company.

thanks management.


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