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Exposures for 419 Scammers in Cameroon
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Julius Esegemu Fossung Esua


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Julius Esegemu Fossung Esua

Scammer's known aliases: MEMO TRADING COMPANY LTD, Mr. Mewanu Bonaventure, Rambler Investments, Mr. Nelly Herbs, Esua Oil Company Limited

Scammer's known email addresses: esuafoss@hotmail.com, esua@ramblerinvest.4t.com

Scammer's known telephone numbers: 23777293392, 23775439010, 23733094812, 23777175987, 8015169400

Main scammer picture:

Personal profile link: http://www.julius-esua.4t.com/about.html

Profile screenshot: Image Image

Personal profile link

Profile screenshot
Same as for the scammer's picture, simply insert the image bb code of the screenshot here

Profile information

Julius Esegemu Fossung Esua
Born to a Roman Catholic family in Kumba (Mr [Nkume*] Stephen Mboh Fossung-Ngoh
and Mrs Forka Angelina Fossung), I was entirely raised in Kumba. After completion of my primary education at the St.Anthony’s Primary School Buea-Road, I attended P.S.S. (now P.H.S.) Kumba. I later went to Yaounde where I attended High School at the Lycee Bilingue d’Essoss.
After the A-Levels I enrolled at the Obafemi Awolowo University (O.A.U) Ile-Ife Nigeria,
http://www.oauife.edu.ng in the Humanities Faculties, MEL (Modern European Languages) Department where I majored in a Double Honours Degree (German and French). I should let the reader know that the Obafemi Awolowo University (O.A.U) Ile-Ife as a citadel of learning is one of the most reputable academic institutions in the world, compared mostly to Harvard and Oxford. One thing that the university can be proud of is that none of its ex-students (no Ife Alumni) have ever lagged behind when it comes to convincing their interlocutors, and I am no exception to that. I am proud to say that I didn’t just pass through Ife, I inherited Ife, and that is one of the untold secrets behind what people usually see as my caustic personality pyretic.
In terms of infrastructure, I think the Obafemi Awolowo University (O.A.U) Ile-Ife is one the most beautifully designed campuses in the world and this is no bluffing. Having one of the highest standards of Academic proficiency in the world, it is no surprise that people at times wait for three years to have a place at The Great Ife Universtiy.
I later won a scholarship and studied GERMANISTIK (German Linguistics) at the Chemnitz University http://www.tu-chemnitz.de in Germany. I presently study at the University of Potsdam http://www.uni-potsdam.de still in Germany
You see that I have an uncomplicated personal profile as down-to-earth as myself.
I will update this page from time to time, and should I have any information I deem fit for public consumption, I will not hesitate to paste it.
However should you have any suggestions or notice any anomaly do get through to me, and I will respond unreservedly.
* Nkume is a title my father currently holds conferred on him by the Traditional Ruler of Kumba, HRH Nfon Mukete.
Any enquiries to: Julius Esua esuafoss@hotmail.com
This is just to let the house know that Kumba now has a Television station called Siat Television.

It is owned by seven of us and I am operate there in four capacities: TV Presenter, Production Coordinator, P.R.O and Editor-in-Chief.

For now we only broadcast to within a radius 30 km2 radius from Kumba.

It is a small but comprehensive television station and we are calling on everyone to take advantage to our cheap publicity prices.

We would like to have correspondents abroad.

You may also want to suggest or sponsor programmes.

For further information you can contact:
Station Manager: (XXXXX) +237 XXXXX
Chief of Programmes: (XXXXX) +237 XXXXX
Editor-in-Chief: (Esua Julius Fossung) +237 7717 5987
Email: siat_tv@yahoo.com

Scam link http://ramblerinvest.4t.com/
Scam text/format

He had a website, http://www.r-invest.s5.com, which has since been apparently deleted soon after his initial exposure on another website. This was the information it contained;
Rambler Investments
Mr. Esua Julius Fossung as company head
Mr. Bonaventure Mewanu serves as Chief Marketing Consultant.
What we Export:
Coffee (Arabica and Robusta)
Palm Oil
Fruit Juice
White pepper
Scrap (waste Iron)
P. O. Box 418 Kumba
South West Province
Phone: +237 3309 4812
Cell: +237 7717 5987
Fax: +1 801 516 9400
Click here to send us E-mail esuafoss@hotmail.com
Our Modus Operandi
We have working partnerships with a host of farmers, plantation owners, timber producers which guarantees a regular and prompt supply to our customers.
In order to neutralise the effects which may arise from change of season, Rambler Investments as a policy keeps a stand-by reserve which serves as emergency supply stocks in the case of seasonal goods.
Also as a result of selling for a number of different producers, quantity has never been an issue.
But he didn't delete this one;
About Us!
Rambler Investments
Operating since August 2004, Rambler Investments is an efficient and customer-satisfaction-based Import ampany operating from the city of Kumba, in the South West Province of Cameroon.

How we operate!

We have working partnerships with a host of farmers, plantation owners, timber producers which guarantees a regular and prompt supply to our customers. In order to neutralise the effects which may arise from the change of season, Rambler Investments as a policy keeps a stand-by reserve which serves as emergency supply stocks in the case of seasonal goods. Also as result of selling for a number of different producers, quantity has never been an issue.
Our Exports

Coffee (Arabica AH and Robusta G1)
Crude Palm Oil

Rambler Investments

And in the case he'd like to make these disappear as well, we will publish the full screenshots.

For more proof with regards to his name and the use of "rambler", this is what he published in 2006 on this site;
Introducing Rambler Movies!
by esuafoss on Tue Aug 22, 2006 12:27

Hi all out there,

I would like to make you know that my group Rambler Movies, will be launching our first movie "Anticlockwise" in the weeks ahead.
The film is written and directed by me and took months of hard work.
To know more about the film, you can go to our website. You can also see a trailer (preview) of the movie on the website. http://www.ramblermovies.com

Thanks in advance for stopping-by on our website, and rest assured that the film will be available in all formats, so feel free to order your copies in advance. You will find all contact information on our website.

Thanks for your time.

Julius Fossung Esua
Director, Rambler movie
Julius Fossung Esua
Rambler Movies

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Scam link http://www.manufacturer.com/company/i56 ... ments.html
Scam text/format
Rambler Investments DetailsDate: Jun.17,2008From: http://www.alibaba.com

Main Products: Coffee, Cocoa, Palm Oil, Fruit Juice, Timber
Business Type: Other
Main Export Markets: South America Southeast Asia Africa Mid East Western Europe
No. of Employees: 11 - 50 People
Estimated Annual Sales (USD): US$1 Million - US$2.5 Million
We are an Import / Export company based in Cameroon. We supply mainly stuff like Cocoa, Coffee, Concentrate Fruit Juice and Palm Oil. On demand we can serve as a distribution channel for foreign and foreign-based company interested in doing business in Cameroon.

Contact Details
Company Name: Rambler Investments
Address: Box 418
Tel: 237-7-7175987
Fax: 1-801-5169400
Homepage: http://www.r-invest.s5.com
Contact Person: Mr. Esua Julius Fossung
Country: Cameroon

Here's a fraud warning from the U.S. Embassy in Cameroon regarding this scam;
Another recently recorded scam involves individuals claiming to possess large quantities of vegetable oils (soybean, cotton, or palm) to supply raw materials for the biofuels industry. The scammer usually sends out a sales agreement asking the victim to sign and provide bank details, including an irrevocable LC (Letter of Credit). He will also claim to possess samples ready to be shipped to the victim, a well-calculated ploy to encourage the victim to start sending money, usually in small amounts but gradually increasing. In fact, Cameroon does not possess export production capacity for any such products. Local production is insufficient to meet domestic demand and the international market price for these vegetable oils is far lower than the domestic market prices – hence there is no economic incentive to export. In most business scams, transactions are requested to be carried out via Western Union or Moneygram rather than through reputable banks.

Scam link http://www.alibaba.com/member/cm1073096 ... tinfo.html
Scam text/format

Contact Information
Contact Person: Mr. Nelly Herbs
Company Name: Esua Oil Company Limited
Street Address: New LayOut
City: Mbonge
Province/State: South West Region
Country/Region: Cameroon
Zip: 0237
Telephone: 237-75439010
Fax: 237

(We Sell): RBD Coconut Oil,Sunflower Oil,Soybeans oil,Fish oil,Vegitable Oil
We are manufacturers and exporters of all kinds of edible oil for sale since 1970.Available for sale are large quantity of oil in stock for sale and we are looking for serious buyers who can trade with us
Scam link

http://www.alibaba.com/member/cm1062795 ... tinfo.html
Scam text/format

Contact Information
Contact Person: Mr. Mewanu Bonaventure
Street Address: Multimedia Street
City: Bafia
Province/State: Centre
Country/Region: Cameroon
Zip: P O Box 50
Telephone: 237-77293392

(We Sell): Cocoa,coffee,white garlic,aquarium fish,artifacts,palm oil,organic friut jiuce

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