Kingston Young/Obi currently in Russia

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Kingston Young/Obi currently in Russia


Unread post by Garrett » Mon Mar 04, 2019 5:54 pm

Note that Nigerian Scammer Kingston Young / Obi currently living in Russia is now using "" and Proxy I.P. ""
Kingston Young/Obi currently in Russia

Scammers Telephone Numbers: +79602326813

Scammers Email Addresses:,,,,,,

Scammers Known Aliases kingston young, King Ob, King Obi, Yashenkin Andreevich, Sergey Shikunov, Oscar Fredick, Pato Smith, Kuban Geoneft

Scammers Main Picture


Scammers Facebook Profile
kingston young
Studied at Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma Nigeria
Birthday:November 11, 1989

From his Facebook Wall you can see the following loan scam targeting Sweden posted back in 2014 when he was still in Nigeria:

(Translation) We issue loans at a minimum of $ 1,000 to $ 1,000,000 at a rate of 3% interest. Also contact us for any kind of loan. For more information email us and apply for the following loan. via (

Another loan scam he posted after he arrived in Russia in 2016:
(Translation) Do not hesitate to contact us at: of interest which you will immediately be referred to our Financial Controller Operations Manager loan. And your loan will be processed within three business days. (CONTACT THE FINANCE DEPARTMENT)
NAME: Sergey Shikunov
Sergey Shikunov Finance.

He setup this VK account to target Russians with his loan scams (Note that he has the same picture from his Facebook page on the Vk page and he is known to use the alias “Sergey Shikunov”:
King Ob
Birthday: November 11, 1989
Current city: Saint Petersburg
Relationship: Single

Here's a post from a Latvian victim of his loan scam - Note the English translation of the text of his loan scam below the complaint in the screenshot: ... ment:last/
Mr. Sergey Shikunov (E-mail: and Mr. Oscar Fredick which at first glance seem good people and offers attractive interest rates on loans are actually crooks of the Internet. As anyone naive, and I fell into their place. I trusted them in the month of February 2017 and I applied for a loan from them. I received a first legal contract but it proved a forgery. Specifically they asked me to pay a fee of 250 euros as loan insurance fee. I thought it was normal and I paid the fee via MoneyGram on behalf of Ashley Smith. Then they sent a certificate of deposit of the loan to Sberbank Russia and a letter from the same bank where I was informed that they must pay a fee of 1300 euros this loan to be realized. The sum of 1300 euros to be paid by the tax authority of the Russian Federation. I paid this amount (1300 euros) all in the name of Ashley Smith with Mr. Sergey Shikunov ensure that the amount of the loan requested 30,000 euro reached into my personal account on the...

Here is another loan scam.. This is characteristic of loan scammers - posting as “someone” who claims to have received a legitimate loan from the loan scammer. (Translated from Lativain)
Name: juris E-mail: (17:22 17: 08: 2017)

I live in latvia and life is worth living comfortably for me and my family now and i have never seen goodness proven that i do a lot in my life because i am a mother who struggles with three children and i have to go through the problem as seriously as mine the man found a terrible accident in the last two weeks and doctors say he has to undergo a delicate operation so he can walk again and i could not pay the bills then your surgery went to the bank to borrow and reject me saying that I don't have a credit card from there I run my father and he is not able to help, then when I was browsing through yahoo answers and the topic and I came across a loan lender Lord, Lord, Sergei Shikunov, who offers loans at an acceptable interest rate and I have a hearing for so many scams on the internet, but in this hopeless situation, I had no choice but to try it and surprisingly it was all like a dream, I got a loan of $ 150,000, and I paid for my husband's surgery and thank God today is good and can walk and work, and the burden is longer so much for me more and we can feed well and my family is happy today and i said to myself that i will be sad loud in the world of wonders to God me through this GOD fearing lender Lord, Sergei Shikunov and I will recommend everyone a real and serious need for a loan to communicate with this God fearing man (sergeyshikunov @ yahoo .com) through .. and I want you all to pray for this man for me

Thank you

Here is again, this time targeting Romanians with his loan scam.
https://sergeyshikunovfinance.wordpress ... 3/08/loan/
Posted on March 8, 2017 by sergeyshikunovfinance

O zi bună pentru toată lumea în acest site va depune mărturie cum am devenit o salvare a domnului Serghei Shikunov Când am fost un rip off. Sunt dl Oscar Fredrick după nume. Eu locuiesc în română, vreau să folosesc acest mediu pentru a avertiza toți solicitanții de împrumut să fie foarte atenți, pentru că există escrocherii acum peste tot luni am fost încordate financiar, și din cauza disperării mele am fost înșelat de către mai mulți creditori online. Am pierdut aproape speranță până când un prieten de-al meu ma trimis la un creditor foarte de încredere numit Dl Serghei Shikunov care mi-a împrumuta un împrumut de 100.000 $ în 8hrs, fără nici un stres. În cazul în care aveți nevoie de nici un fel de împrumut, trebuie doar să-l contactați prin e-mail: (, care este motivul pentru care eu sunt, folosind acest mediu pentru a avertiza toți solicitanții de împrumut, din cauza naiba am trecut în mâinile acestor creditori frauduloase. și cum am fost mântuirea oamenilor, SERGEY SHIKUNOV.

Si eu nu vreau nici unul dintre voi să treacă printr-un astfel iad încât m-am dus în mâinile acestor creditori on-line frauduloase, de asemenea, vreau să mă ajuți să trec aceste informații altor persoane care au nevoie de un împrumut când ai tău împrumut dl Oscar Fredrick, mă rog ca Dumnezeu să-l dea. Dumnezeu să-l binecuvânteze viața pentru totdeauna pentru binele pe care le-a făcut în viața mea. Dl Oscar Fredrick

Note one of the email addresses which he used for some of this loan scams - - shows that he did romance scams as is shown by the ad below.
2012-05-28, patosmith
Am a simple young woman friendly social and kind person.Dark skinned and innovative in mind. Satisfactory height that every one likes my simple height. Waiting for you to be my good friend to have good life and build one another. Email ( )

Waiting for a word from you.

Googling one of the email addresses he used in his loan scams - brings us to yet another loan scam ad, this time in Latvian ... ment:last/
Laipni lūdzam Sergejs Shikunov Aizdevuma Firma mēs novērtējam labas atsauksmes, kas ir iet ap internetu par mūsu labajiem darbiem. Tagad pieņemsim iegūt to, ko mēs darām vislabāk vēlreiz. Vai jums ir nepieciešams steidzami kredītu? Kredīts iespējams paplašināt sākt savu biznesu? Ar procentu likmi, kā zema kā 3%, kas ir piemērots jebkuru klientu un jums patiks mūsu pakalpojumus. Tātad, sazinieties ar mums tagad, izmantojot palīdzības līnija: +79602326813 Zemāk ir manas uzņēmuma adreses. 12 Moskovskaya St., Maskava, Krievija Federācija 54 Montgomery St, Jersey City, NJ 07302 USA 127 John Bolton Street Birmingham UK. 23 Sultan Stambula Turcijā. Mēs espect saņemt pozitīvu atbildi no jums. Komandas Sveicieni Sergejs shikunov
22.03.2017. plkst. 08:13
English translation:

The email address, alias Sergey Shikunov and mobile number +79602326813 also brings us to a Russian oil scam ad here:
sergey shikunov 26/08/2017 в 03:29

We are direct mandate to the refineries here in Russia Federation, our refineries can supply to you/your buyers it’s products, Mazut,M100, D6,D2, JP54, LNG,LPG without any delay nor complication. Kindly contact us through any of our informations below for our official soft co-operate offer (SCO).

Note: FOB delivery is DIP and PAY standard working procedure with no upfront payment.

Thanks and Best regards.

General Director,
Limited company «Kuban Geoneft»
Mr, Sergey Shikunov
Skype: Sergey Shikunov

Many Nigerian scammers are posing as “mandates” for refineries using free email addresses. Real refineries do not use mandates. Furthermore, never enter into any kind of transaction with a stranger using a free email address!

The scam domain/website “” was identified as a Russian oil scam website and a warning was posted. Many scammers will attempt to post comments on these warnings claiming that the scam company and website are real. Of course that is just what Kingston Young/Obi did below using his “go to“ alias “Sergey Shikunov“. These Russian oil scam websites are all registered anonymously so it’s possible that “Sergey Shikunov” set this one up individually or as part of a gang that operates it. He (or his gang) are most likely involved in setting up other Russian oil scam websites. However, it is also possible that they recruited him to leave the comment, inasmuch as he is a Russian oil scammer using the free email address There is no doubt that “” is fake and that Kingston Young/Obi, in addition to be involved in loan scams and romance scams is also involved in Russian oil scams
Feb 27, 2019
Sergey Shikunov comment on " (Russian Oil Scam)"
we make this note to the general public this day that the above tank farm {OOO "Universal Logistics Complex"} is not fake. they are real and legit, we have close so many deals with them successfully without any failure.

(“OOO "Universal Logistics Complex” is fake of course, and his scam comment was never approved!):
Scammer Kingston Young/Obi currently in Russia

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