Scammers Impersonating Norwegian Cruise Lines / Fake Job Scam Fraud

Scammers who charge you imaginery visa, work permit, etc. fees for fake jobs. Read Why Your Job Email Is Fake
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Scammers Impersonating Norwegian Cruise Lines / Fake Job Scam Fraud


Unread post by Caped Crusader » Tue Apr 16, 2019 11:58 pm

This is a fake job scam! There is no job! Do not send documents or money! If you are not interviewed face to face, in person, the job offer is Always a scam! If you are asked to pay fees for a visa or work permit or anything else, the job offer is a scam, even if they say they will reimburse you! No real company or embassy ever uses a free email address! Read Why Most Emails Offering Jobs Are Scams! to learn how to tell when a job offer is fake and Never Wire Money to Strangers! or click on the images below:

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First Scam Email

From -

We acknowledged the receipt of your message and request on it. We are looking for good candidates that will work on-board our ship. Monthly Salary ranges from £3,725 United Kingdom Pounds and above. The minimum age requirement is 18 years. Working on board Norwegian Cruise Line ship base in United Kingdom, we require hard work and discipline. We take great pride in respecting every employee as an individual and our objective is to foster an environment that is facing challenges, rewarding and provides an opportunity for both professional and personal growth. language is not a barrier in this company because we have interpreters in all our department, those interprets are working along with those who can not speak English language to tell them what to do and we also offer time to our employees to learn English language so that they can speak fluently.


(1.)Able Seaman, (2.)Fitness Instructor, (3.)Assistant Bar Manager, (4.)Assistant Chief Housekeeper, (5.)Food and Beverage Assistant, (6.)Food and Beverage Manager(7.)Assistant Pastry Chef, (8.) Accountant, (9.)Bar Manager, (10.)Bartender, (11.)Bar Waiter and Waitress, (12.) Butcher, (13.) Cabin Steward Stewardess, (14.)Cashier, (15.)Casino Dealer, (16.)Chief Housekeeper, (17.)Cleaner, (18.) Comedians, (19.)Computer Technician, (20.)Crew Purser, (22.)Disc Jockey, (23.)Doctor, (24.)Nurse, (25.)Electrician, (26.)Engine Mechanic, (27.)Florist, (28.)Guest Services Coordinator, (29.)Hair Stylist, (30.)Manicure, (31.)Kitchen Chef, (32.)Host, (33.)Hostess, (34.)Laundry Staff, (35).Massage Therapist, (36.)Nail Technician, (37.)Photographer, (38.)Plumber, (39.)Pool Attendant, (40.)Production Manager, (41.)Radio Officer, (42.)Receptionist, (43.)Retail Sales Person, (44.)Safety Officer, (45.)Salon Manager, (46.)Scuba Diving Instructor, (47.)Security Officer, (48.)Shore Excursion,(49.)Show Dancer (50.)Singers/Band, (51.)Sound Light Technician, (52.)Stage bouncer, (53.)Video Technician,

Norwegian Cruise Line UK will often give serious consideration to hiring pairs of people that are interested in working together at the same location because the companionship will often result in both employees staying on for longer contracts. Therefore, if you and a friend or loved one are looking for a great way to see the world together, consider having your applications send at the same time.

Employment requirements,
1. Cover letter (1 page maximum)
2. Curriculum Vitae (Resume)
3. Available date
4. Position you want to apply

If you wish to apply in this employment program; choose position which is suitable for you because you may like to work with us but because you have not worked or have any cruise experience may cause you to say no but be courageous because you will be given 14 days training before joining your department, Your available date, send together with your CV and cover letter to us via email. Here is our official website if you need more clarification.

Second Scam Email

We have seen the documents which you forwarded to us back as requested from you and we have also sent them to the authorities of the company. In addition to your willing to join Norwegian cruise line base in St. Peters-burg United kingdom, we will like to bring to your notice that we employ people who are serious in their life because they are hard working and business minded people so all our goal is to give them support with this kind of offer. Contact the Immigration head office here in the United kingdom for processing of your on-line visa and working permit as we agreed with the Government of the United Kingdom and the Immigration Organization here in United Kingdom that all our employee shall obtain their visa and working permit in their head office here in United Kingdom. Here are their address below because in this program the visa is only offered to the employees through on-line here in United Kingdom as we agreed with them and no other place to obtain the visa and working permit, We also want you to know that the demand for your documents such as the cost for you to get your visa and working permit, or any certificate apart from your traveling ticket, bus, taxi, food and accommodation as been mentioned in the contract paper that you have signed, we are not completely concern about it because sometimes ago we stand for all these for our employees and when they get the visa they will not come to work with our company who cater for their trip to UK any more, some will use the opportunity to come to UK and venture into another thing such as their, boy or girl friends, relatives, or working with another company or organization and so on, because of that we decided that all our employees must process and get their visa from the immigration here so that we will get the traveling ticked and others for him or her on the date of his or her travel to UK and we will wait to receive the person at the airport. So therefore all our effort is to give you the employment and afford you cost of your trip to United Kingdom. We have made this clear to you that we will not be responsible for the complete assessment of your documents. The cost of your visa will be too low for you to afford as we have it in agreement with the Immigration.

To the Director of the Immigration, Address: 2nd Kensington Court, 108 Manor Road,
Tel: +447031944631
Fax: +447005801596

Best regard

Administrative Officer
Mr. Mark Hultberg
Tel.... +447581548694
Fax.... +44703 1972 764

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