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Students as far back as 1992 were notifying elected officials as high up as Washington State Governor Gary Locke about what was going on at CRI and still, were not able to get much assistance.  Here is a letter dated August 6, 2001 to Governor Locke from a former student.  Several former CRI students have continued lobbying legislatures for some redress, 


Because of the aforementioned evidence of fraud in CRI's dealings with financial aid funds, Senator Maria Cantwell’s office has requested the Department of Justice to impanel a grand jury to look into what happened at CRI!


As of May, 2007, U.S. Senators Craig and Crapo have now demonstrated an interest, due to the Idaho's students involvement, and most recently Senator Patty Murray's office has made an inquiry on behalf of the Washington students. On May 18, 2007, several students visited the Chair of the Education Committee in Olympia, State Senator Paull Shin.  The Senator has agreed to do his own investigation of what happened at CRI, telling the visiting students "People have helped me. Now it is my turn to help you."  A letter was sent to Senator Shin which detailed how the CRI fraud worked, it is an excellent summary of the inner workings of the fraud and we highly suggest it be read.


Christine Gregoire was informed, once again of the problems at CRI, and sent the request for a meeting with students to the WTECB.


In July of 2007, Linda Henderson of the Department of Education responded to Washington Senators Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray who had sought explanations regarding CRI pursuant to requests from CRI students that an investigation by the Department of Education, Office of the Inspector General be commenced.  This is Ms. Henderson's response to Ms. Cantwell and Ms. Murray